Basketball Bradpetehoops

Walter Peter is an honest basketball player, not rude in the basketball arena cos he is good and meek. God gave him unbelievable moves, shots and jaw drop amazing things in the hard court. Shooting long distances 25ft, mid court up to free throw line of the other end of the court, 3 pointer hook shots. Lay ups and jump shot behind the board people saw unbelievable things. Shooting free threw close eyes and no look backward. No look backward 3 points swishing through the net many times. Bounce shot, lay up from free throw, lay up from point line and lay-up from mid court the bowling swishing shot. The amazing one is mid court backward no look bounce from the free throw to good bounces to the hoop. 53 feet throw bounce and swish shot, mid-court scoop lay up shot.  Yeah! One of the unbelievable coast to coast dribbling jump from the three point territory then looking for drop pass but none of my teammates is there only the defenses of opponents in space of time like I pose in the mid-air and thinking before I was landed I throw the ball cos I heard in small voice saying "Shoot it!" I landed and the ball goes directly to the hoop. My teammates said, "How did you do that? Unbelievable and they laughing giving high five and the opposing team jaws down and some shake there heads. Incredible pump shot vs all opposing players. Doing awesome high arcing 20-25ft tear drop shots everyone are laughing and smiling about those shots. Heavily defended in three point even I was covered by two giants I did a high arcing shot swishing trey. Mid court base ball shot hit the rim strongly bounce up high and goes down to the hoop. The 360 degree lay up high bank shot. The no look double crosser reverse shot over good looking guy named Morton. Yeah! Unbelievable shot in the league. The crowd are shouting and jumping. Streetball History-The street ball tomahawk dunk turning point of the game. 10 blocks, 14 assists (Streetball high) , 10 steals, 40 rebounds and 66 points in street ball game (Quintuple Double). Quadruple Double -85 points (Street ball high), 45 rebounds (Streetball high), 14 blocks (Streetball high), & 11 steals (Streetball high). First Triple Double - 60 points, 29 rebounds & 11 assists. All game winning shot 14. In big and top league, game high is 19 points. Playoffs Semifinals high 11 points, Championship best is 13 points in estimated 15-20 minutes. Championship game low is 2 points. Best league average 11 points per game. Became playing coach cos our strongest 5 players moves to more prestige league I average 17 points per game. Played 40 full minutes 7 times. Longest game double over time in a championship game loss by a point, my last championship appearance and played with injured shoulder. Most number of 3 points is 4 all swishing (nothing but net "swak" 1-meter beyond the rainbow territory toughest secret weapon against zone defense, the breakaway of the game). Hit 47 points in a Basketball Marathon (like All-Star game all best players are there with average players of different teams), a pre-season game high 37 points, GS best with Koreans 19 field goals (95%) of total team points & the score 20-19. Scoring machine in Streetballs games. Full court Friendship games high 34 points (including the game winning fast-break lay up) and the low is 20. Koreans dubbed me as the "Basketball god". 

Basketball Awards and Achievements:

  • Champion as player - 1 time
  • Champion as coach - 1 time
  • 1st Runner up as player - 5 times
  • 1st Runner up as coach - 1 time
  • 2nd Runner up as player - 1 time
  • 2nd Runner up as coach (DEPED Congressional Meet) - 1 time 
  • 3rd Runner up as playing coach ( 3x3 ) - 1 time
  • Sportsmanship Award
  • Early Bird Award (Team's Punctuality / on time)
  • Most number of Attendance Award (complete attendance of players and coaching staff)
  • 2nd Runner up (3 Point Shoot out)
  • 1st Runner up (Buzzer Beater Challenge)
  • Basketball Team Escort  
  • One on One winning streak - 21
  • Three  points shot streak - 8
  • Three points streak (game) - 4
  • Free throw shooting streak - 33
  • Free throw percentage in 100 attempts - 96/100 - 96%
  • Quintuple Double - 1 time
  • Quadruple Double - 1 time
  • Triple Double - 2 times  
Other Sports Awards and Achievements:

  • Baseball as player - gold medalist
  • Softball as player - silver medalist
  • Sepak Takraw as coach - bronze medalist
Latter Day Saints Games / Sports Activities
  • Badminton - 2nd Place
  • Table Tennis - 2nd Place
  • Sepak Takraw - 1st Place
  • 3K Run - 5th Place
  • Hammer Throw - 1st Place
  • Javelin Throw - 2nd Place
  • Shot Put - 2nd Place
  • Billiard 9-Ball Double - 1st Place (game winning epic shot)
  • 200 m dash - 2nd Place
Other Achievements:
  • Canoeing (Lakeshore, Mexico)
  • Biking (Bulaon Resett to Angeles City, Porac, Bacolor, City of San Fernando back to Bulaon Resett.; Angeles City to Bulaon 30 mins.; Angeles City to City of San Fernando 58 mins. raining; Megadike 22km - 47 mins; Bulaon Bulaon Resett.  to Clark to Dau Mabalacat City back to Bulaon Resett.)
  • Running (City of San Fernando - Bulaon Resettlement [40 mins. run in heavy rain])
  • Walking (Mabalacat City - Angeles City - City of San Fernando; San Jose Malino Mexico - Bulaon Resettlement [1 hour and 25 mins.]
  • Biking without handling (Lakeshore; Purok 1 Bulaon, Phase II Bulaon to Phase I Block 104)
  • Hiking / Mountain Climbing  (Mt. Arayat [5 hours = 3 hours up and 2 hours down]; Oas, Albay, Mt. Mayon, Albay; Matnog, Sorsogon; Mt. Makiling, Laguna)
  • Boy Scouting (Bacolor, Pampanga; Angeles Philippines Stake; Clarkfield, Pampanga)   
  • Basketball Tricks (Bicol, Pampanga, Angeles City, Bataan, NCR, Pangasinan and Baguio City) 



Team Shohoku Roster:

#4 Akagi Takenori (Center/Captain)(senior)[197cm]
#10 Sakuragi Hanamichi (Power Forward/Center/Shooting Guard)(freshman)[188cm]
#11 Rukawa Kaede (Small Forward/ Shooting Guard)[Future All Japan Team Member](freshman)[187cm]
#14 Mitsui Hisashi (Shooting Guard/ Small Forward)(senior)[184cm]
#7 Miyagi Ryota (Point Guard/Future Captain)(sophomore)[168cm]
#5 Kogure Kiminobu (Shooting Guard/ Sixth Man/Vice-Captain)(senior)[178cm]
#6 Yasuda Yasuharu (Guard/Back-up of Sakuragi [fouled out & bad games] & Rukawa injured [1st half vs Toyotama])(sophomore)[164cm]

Other Players: 

#8 Shiozaki Tetsushi (Guard)(sophomore) [170cm]
#9 Kakuta Satoru (Forward)(sophomore) [180cm]
#12 Ishii Kentarou (Guard)(freshman) [170cm]
#13 Sasakoa Satoro (Guard)(freshman) [171cm]
#15 Kawata Toki (Guard)(freshman) [162cm]

Coach: Anzai

Team Manager: Ayako


Haruko the Cute Sakuragi's first basketball trainer

(also Sakuragi's academic tutor)
(Probably the Muse of Shohoku Team)
Matsui and Fujui - Haruko's friends
Her rivals are the L.O.V.E Rukawa's Cheerleaders

(Future and 2nd Shohoku Team Manager)

Sakuragi & Haruko

Shohoku Team Starting 5

Team Shohoku Super 6

Hanamichi Sakuragi Highlights in Anime Series
(vs Shoyo, Kainan, Ryonan & Shoyo-Ryonan)


Practice Games

Shohoku vs Ryonan 86-87 (Sendoh game winning double pump scoop lay-up vs Akagi & Rukawa at the buzzer)
Shohoku vs Takezono (won by 4 points) [Sakuragi - Oda Rivalry]
Shohoku vs Ryokufu 75-74 (via Sakuragi Slam Dunk) [Shohoku Super 6 shines, but Kogure injured]
Shohoku vs Shoyo/Ryonan (Shohoku Win) 76-74 via Hanamichi Sakuragi defensive stop and fast break Slam Dunk; Sakuragi secret weapon: Jump Shot
Shohoku vs Jousei (Game 1) 73-72 (Win)
Shohoku vs Jousei (Game 2) (Loss)
Shohoku vs Jousei (Game 3) (Draw)
*Shohoku (red) vs Shohoku (white) 78-78 [draw]
    * Tomigaoka (Slam Dunk Teams below)

Kaide Rukawa

Sakuragi & Friends

Sakuragi, Mito, Noma, Ohkusu and Takamiya

Michael Okita vs Hanamichi Sakuragi
@ Ryokufu takes on visiting team Shohoku
The Battle of Run & Gun Teams
(Friendly Match up)

Kanagawa Trials (Elimination Round) [Single Round-Robin]
as Regional Tournament Divisional level

Shohoku vs Miuradai 114-51 (Rukawa shines as Super Rookie, Sakuragi fouled out)
Shohoku vs Kakuya 160-24 (Sakuragi fouled out)
Shohoku vs Kouhata 103-59 (Sakuragi fouled out)
Shohoku vs Tsukubu 111-79 (Sakuragi fouled out)(but he was the rebound king)
Shohoku vs Shoyo 62-60 (Final Elimination Game; Shoyo are the tallest players in the tournament on average same level of Akagi except Fujima. Sakuragi & Rukawa edges on their speed and jumping ability. Sakuragi first basket a free-throw and managed the second, shown some defensive stops and rebound king; Mitsui carpet bombs of 3 points rally from trailing by 12 points built by Hanagata & Shoyo captain/ace point guard Fugima. Sakuragi made a successful dunk. Sakuragi fouled out in final minute but Rukawa delivered for Shohoku.)

Shohoku (Divisional Champion)

Kanagawa Trials (Finals) [Single Round-Robin]
Regional Championship

Day 1
Ryonan vs Takezato 117-64
Shohoku vs Kainan 88-90 (Defending champion Kainan top battle against Shohoku, Akagi injured Sakuragi became center - king of rebound, Hanamichi first lay-up; Akagi is back playing while injured, Rukawa burn-out fatigue made the crucial dunk, a hell of a fight till the end. Mitsui take a 3-point shot but slightly blocked by Kainan's shooting guard Kiyota then the ball bounced once on the ring Sakuragi rebounded and passed to mistaken Akagi Kainan's center...buzzer sounded, Sakuragi cries.)

Day 2
Shohoku vs Takezato 120-81
(Sakuragi didn't play due to heavy practice and deep sleep, came when the final buzzer sounded)
(Akagi didn't play, too. Rest his injured foot)
Kainan vs Ryonan 89-83 (Maki - Sendoh Rivalry pierced battle)

Day 3
Takezono vs Kainan 51-98
Shohoku vs Ryonan 70-66 (Big game; Rukawa - Sendoh Rivalry "Changing Pace" Rukawa shines in 2nd half, last one minute of the game Kogure 3 points & Sakuragi's slam dunk and finished with game high 9 points)


*Kainan (Kanagawa Regional Champion)
*Shohoku (Kanagawa Regional Runner up)
(*Both earned slots to Inter-high National Tournament [Playoffs] )

Mythical Five

Maki (Guard) - Kainan (Kanagawa League MVP)
Jin (Guard) [30.6 ppg] - Kainan (Kanagawa Scoring Champion)
Akagi (Center) - Shohoku (Kanagawa Leading Center)
Rukawa (Forward) [30.0 ppg] - Shohoku (Super Rookie); future All Japan Team
Sendoh (Forward)-Ryonan (Ace Player)

Slam Dunk Teams


Miyamato Murasame (Captain)(Believes that Kainan are the only true opponents)
Tetsuya Naito (Center)(Secret Weapon/Rugby Player, dominates later outplayed by Rukawa)


Most lopsided or biggest win by Shohoku 136-point lead.


Also easily defeated by Shohoku with margin of 44 points.


#4 Fujima Kenji (Guard)(Ace Player / Team Captain / Playing-Coach) [178cm]
#5 Hanagata Toru (Center)(Fade the Way Specialist, one of Kanagawa top center) [197cm]
#6 Hasegawa Kazushi (Guard)(promised to shut-down Mitsui & limit him to 5 points) [190cm]
#8 Takano Shoichi (Forward)(effective near the basket) [193cm]
#7 Nagano Mitzuro (Center/Power Forward)(Defensive player) [191cm]


#4 Uozumi Jun (Center / Team Captain)(Akagi top rival)[202cm]
#7 Sendoh Akira (Point Guard / Small Forward)(Rukawa's same type of play & his top rival) [190cm]
#13 Fukuda Kicchio (Power Forward)(Offensive Treat) [188cm]
#5 Ikegami Ryoji (Forward)(Defensive Specialist) [188cm]
#? Aida Hikoichi (Guard)(freshman, aspirant varsity player, stats recorder, team manager)
#6 Koshino Hiroaki (Forward)(good passer and defender) [174cm]
#8 Uekusa Tomoyuki (Guard)(graet speed and defensive capabilities) [170cm]
#11 Sugadaira (Center)(Ryonan's back up center of Uozumi)
Coach: Taoka Moichi


#4 Maki Sinichi (Point Guard)(Ace player) [184cm]
#6 Jin Souichirou (Shooting Guard)(2nd Ace player/3-point shooter) [189cm]
#5 Takasago Kazuma (Center)(look a like Akagi)(good in defense and rebounding) [191cm]
#10 Kiyota Nobunaga (Small Forward)(Sakuragi's rival & friend) [178cm]
#15 Miyamasu Yoshinori (Guard)(smallest players with 3-pointer accuracy) [160cm]
#9 Muto Tadashi (Power Forward)(good in defensive stops, shoot when open) [186cm]
Coach: Takato Riki


(Bracket champion but weakest in Kanagawa Finals)


Oda Tatsumasa (Forward)-Takezato (Ace player)
His girl friend - Yoko Shimamura


#4 Mikoshiba (Team Captain)(Ace Player)


#15 Koichiro Rango (Center)(Head-butt by Sakuragi, has a crush on Haruko) [192cm]
#4 Tomokazu Godai (Captain)(good at 3-points area) [180cm]
Coach: Kawasaki


#4 Nadaka Hikaru (Center)(Team Captain) [195cm]
#5 Katsumi Ichirou (Shooting Guard)(Three point shooter) [185cm]
#6 Ebina Kaoru (Point Guard)(Play maker) [177cm]
#7 Seiji Tsumuri (Point Guard)(Offensive-defensive twin confuse opponent) [175cm]
#8 Keiji Tsumuri (Point Guard)(Defensive-offensive twin confuse opponent) [175cm]
#9 Totsuka Tetsuya (Forward)(Defensive player) [184cm]
13 Michael Okita (Small Forward)(Japanese-American Ace player with American brand of plays) [192cm]
Coach: Ofuna
Team Manager: Fujikawa Eri


#4 Tsuyoshi Minami (Captain / Small Forward)(Ace player)(Ace Killer)(outplayed by Rukawa  [184cm]
#5 Kinori Kishimoto (Power Forward)(other Ace player) [188cm]
#6 Daijiro Itakura (Point Guard)(good at 3-pointers) [183cm]
#7 Kyohei Yagima (Small Forward)(back up scorer, defender) [180cm]
#8 Mitsuaki Itawa (Center)(good skill but outplayed by Akagi) [190cm]
Coach: Jiei


#4 Kazuori Fukatsu (Point Guard/Captain)(Perfect play-maker/Ace player)
#5 Nobe Masahiro (Power Forward)(Strong in defense)
#6 Matsumoto Minoru (Shooting Guard)(shut down long range shooters)
#7 Katawa Misashi (Power Center)(strong, speed and scoring Ace center)
#8 Satoshi Ichinokura (Guard)(Sannoh's previous scoring Ace player till Eiji arrived)
#9 Sawakita Eiji (Small Forward)(National Ace player, super ace player, scoring machine)
#15 Katawa Mikio (Center)(tallest, heaviest and good at the post)(outplayed by Sakuragi) [210cm,130kg]
Coach: Daumoto
Supporter: Sawakita Tetsu (Eiji's dad, the one who taught Eiji basketball since birth, first opponent)


#4 Morobishi Dai (Ace Player / Team Captain)


#15 Morishige Hiroshi (Center)(Powerhouse center / just freshman, dunk leave 3 people knock down) [199cm, 100kg](shoulder-bump with Sakuragi while walking with 3 Kainan's players before Aiwa & Meihou game. Soon he was interested with Sakuragi's hustle plays rather than giant Mikio Katawa as future treat in National tournaments.


#4 Ichiro (Captain / Ace player)(one last basketball game with Shohoko Team Red with Sakuragi, Mitsui and Miyagi vs Shohoku White led by Rukawa and Akagi. Later Hanamichi with Irochi out-hustled and outplayed Akagi and Rukawa. Ichiro perfect passed to Sakuragi dunks and knock-off Akagi and Rukawa. 78-all [draw]. Tomigaoka Rukawa's junior high school as former captain passed to Ichiro.

*No game vs Shohoku

National Inter-high Finals 
The Playoffs
(First-Round, Semi-Final & Finals) 
National Championship 

Shohoku vs Toyotama 91-87 (Shohoku team dubbed as Team C level while Toyotama as Team A. Miyagi bothered and Sakuragi as a poor game. But Akagi and Rukawa rally to tied the game then lead exchanges till Toyotama still hold the lead due to Rukawa accidentally elbowed right in the eye by Minami in first half. Rukawa returned in second half subbed Yusada. L.O.V.E. Rukawa took over, vs Kishimoto and Minami. Shohoku escaped and went to the next round.)

Shohoku vs Sannoh 79-78 (Kaide Rukawa assist to Hanamichi winning jump shot)
(Defeating the league & nation's strongest team. Miyagi made an alley-hoop play to Sakuragi draw the first blood, battle of powers, Sakuragi - Mikio post up battle. Mikio use is power and height advantage while Sakuragi pump fake and speed. Head to head match up on post Sakuragi won with 4 points while Mikio made 2 points via power play. 1st half ends Shohoku 36 - Sannoh 34. People at first it was an easy game for Sannoh team. Mitsui was wore down by Matsumoto defense, Miyagi was blocked. Nobe keeps on rebounding while Fukatsu, Itchinokura, Sawakita & Misashi scores. Sannoh's 26-0 run, shut down the entire Shohoku team through defensive stops of steals, blocks and trapping defenses. Uozumi showed up to inspired Akagi for being overpowered by Sannoh's centers specially by Misashi Katawa. Then the Shohoku team became the country's favorite basketball team for their amazing game, epic comeback from 24 points deficit in 2nd half.  That overwhelmed the Shohoku led by the Sannoh's Big-3 on offensive ends. Rally begins when Hanamichi got the ball in the paint and lay-up, then Miyagi directed plays to Mitsui consecutive 3-pointers.  Sakuragi blocked Mikio's jumper, Miyagi scores, Misashi score and Sawakita take over again. Sakuragi multiple rebounds accident, he sustained spine injury but continued to play the rest of the 2nd game. Rukawa successfully passed Sawakita for a scoop lay up, Rukawa's fangirls shouted, "L.O.V.E. Rukawa, Rukawa!" Sawakita triple teamed by Akagi, Rukawa & Sakuragi scores a windmill lay up. Mitsui's 4-point play trailed by a sole point. Akagi - Sakuragi block shots against Sannoh's 1-2 punch (Misashi & Sawakita). Rukawa - Sakuragi shows and hustles to complete the come back and led by a point. Sawakita made a jump shot, Sannoh took the lead for good. Last 9 seconds Akagi inbound the ball to Rukawa and being trapped by Sannoh defense he dropped the leather to Sakuragi for the buzzer beating swish jump shot for the win. Yaaahhhhh!!! Rukawa - Sakuragi emotional high five. Both hugged by their teammates, friends and supporters.
See Video

1st Half :  Shohoku 36 - Sannoh 34
2nd Half:  Shohoku 43 - Sannoh 44
Final Score: Shohoku 79 - Sannoh 78

The High Five

Sakuragi Highlights

Sakuragi draw the first blood via alley-hoop from Miyagi, pump fake and lay-up against Mikio, outplayed Mikio on speed, leg strengths and made another bucket, accidental header basket count but Sakuragi suffered embarrassing nose bleed. Sakuragi talked & crowd roared, Sakuragi rebound & put-back, Sakuragi's own Gorilla dunk via Gori missed dunk. Sakuragi rebound and scored. Amazing hustle but crashed to the official's table caused spine injury. But he managed to passed to Mitsui and scored trey. Rukawa missed the ball went to the lane saved by Sakuragi to Rukawa and made a basket. Last 8 seconds Rukawa trapped by Sannoh's stone wall defense then drop passed to Sakuragi for the game winning jump shot.

Sakuragi Stats based on video : 12 points, 7 rebounds, 2 hustle assists to Rukawa, 2 crucial blocks on Misashi & Sawakita, 1 steal (blocking hard Sawakita's put back then the ball caught by Rukawa)  

Shohoku vs Sannoh Highlights

Sawakita - dominates the game by his all around skills, can break even triple team defense & he's everywhere scoring. Sawakita challenge Rukawa and said, "I beat Sendoh!" (in a game), cos Sendoh & Rukawa similitude of  basketball techniques.
Rukawa - challenge Sawakita & Misashi but failed at first. He focuses on assists to Akagi and Mitsui (high-low play). Later he had a successful lay-up against Sawakita. Rukawa - Sakuragi (one - two punch) towards the end and pulled the greatest upset against Sannoh.
Ichinokura - responsible for Mitsui silenced till Shohoku rally.
Akagi - made couple of Gorilla dunks & crucial block against Misashi.
Fukatsu - play maker intended to Sawakita & Misashi; counterpart of Miyagi.
Mitsui - MVP performance by shooting barrage of trey, made the crucial 4-point play.
Nobe - power rebounds.
Miyagi - delivered the goods to Sakuragi, Mitsui, Akagi & Rukawa.  
Misashi - Akagi nemesis in center spot, ball eraser (blocks), strong on boards (rebounds), Sannoh's number 2 scorer.
Mikio - power play against Sakuragi, height advantage. 

Team Shohoku visits Sannoh 

Shohoku vs Aiwa (Shohoku Loss)
(Even being defeated by team Aiwa, because they sustained fatigue and injury in their last epic battle against tournament's premier powerhouse team Sannoh, people loves them even they've got Runner up finish in National Tournament; Shohoku - People's Champ

@ Shohoku Home Court

Kanagawa Slam Dumk All Stars

Players Rivalry

Sakuragi - Akagi (One on One)[Sakuragi's Cradle of Slam Dunk]
Sakuragi - Rukawa (on Haruko, practice game & actual games)
Sakuragi - Mitsui (practice games & gang fight)
Sakuragi - Miyagi (practice one on one game)
Rukawa - Akagi (practice games, basketball pride)
Rukawa - Sendoh (battle of regional supremacy)
Sakuragi - Sendoh (defensive wall vs scoring machine, Sakuragi stole the leather)
Rukawa - Naito (all around vs one way)
Sakuragi - Rango (the head butt in manga comic series)
Rukawa - Godai (Battle of skills)
Maki - Sendoh (another battle of regional supremacy)
Sakuragi - Maki (in your face dunk vs MVP)
Rukawa - Maki (Super rookie vs regional MVP)
Miyagi - Mitsui (practice games & gang fight)
Rukawa - Mitsui (practice games, basketball pride & gang fight)
Sakuragi - Oda (on ex-girl friend; practice game the defensive wall vs offensive ace player)
Akagi - Hanagata (Power vs Skill)
Sakuragi - Miyamasu (Goliath vs David's sling shoots of three)
Rukawa - Jin (Battle of Scorers)
Miyagi - Maki (Battle of pure point guards)
Mitsui - Jin (Battle of 3-point bombers)
Sakuragi / Miyagi - Tsumuri Twins (Fusion vs Confusion)
Rukawa - Okita (East vs West)
Mitsui - Ichirou (Battle of long range shooters)
Sakuragi - Hanagata (Hustle-Power vs Skill-Versatile)
Mitsui - Hasegawa (The Untied Bonds)
Rukawa - Fujima (Battle of Speed & Skills)
Miyagi - Fujima (Battle of Passing Skills)
Fugima - Maki (other previous tournaments rivalry)
Sakuragi - Kiyota (Battle of Rookie Ace Supremacy)
Akagi - Uozomi (Battle of Giants)
Sakuragi - Uozomi (High-Jumping Genius vs Power Center)
Fujima - Minami (on previous National Battle)
Rukawa - Mikoshiba (Basketball Pride)
Rukawa - Minami (Super Rookie vs Ace with dirty tactics, later apologies to Rukawa)
Rukawa - Kishimoto (Offense Machine vs Skills & Defense)
Sakuragi - Misashi Katawa (Secret Weapon vs Scoring Center)
Akagi - Masashi Katawa (Defensive Center vs Offensive Center)
Sakuragi - Mikio Katawa (David & Goliath)
Rukawa - Sannoh's Big 3 (Shut-down Rukawa)
Sakuragi - Sannoh's Big 3 (Sakuragi 5 rebounds in five seconds)
Miyagi - Fukatsu (Battle of Play Makers)
Mitsui - Matsumoto (The 3-point Bomber vs The Detonator)
Maki - Sawakita (previous Nat'l Tournament, Sawakita outplayed Maki)
Sendoh - Sawakita (junior high tournament rivalry, Sawakita beat Sendoh)
Morobashi - Morishige (Battle of National Aces)
Sawakita - Morobashi (Battle of National Aces)
Rukawa - Sawakita (Shohoku Super Rookie Ace vs National Super Ace Player)
Sakuragi - Sawakita (Amazing Hustle Play vs All Around Play)
Rukawa - Irochi (Previous Ace Captain vs Current Ace Captain of Tomigaoka Junior High)
Sakuragi - Morishige (Future National Tournament Rivalry)

Teams Rivalry

Shohoku - Ryonan
Shohoku - Miuradai
Shohoku - Shoyo
Shoyo - Kainan
Kainan - Ryonan
Shohoku - Kainan
Shohoku - Takezono
Shohoku - Ryokufu
Shohoku - Jousei
Shohoku - Toyotama
Kainain - Sannoh
Shohoku - Sannoh

By: xauycu

Team Game Strategy

Shohoku - Run & Gun, Dribble Drive, High Low Play
Takezato - One-Manned Game
Miuradai - One-Manned Game
Sannoh - Triangle Offense 
Toyotama - Run & Gun
Kainan - Triangle Offense
Ryonan - Triangle Offense
Shoyo - Pick & Roll, Dribble Drive
Ryofuku - Run & Gun

NBA (All Stars) & PBA (B-Meg Ace Derby Liamados Team) Counterpart

Kaide Rukawa - Michael Jordan - James Yap
Takenori Akagi - Patrick Ewing - Denzel Bowles (import) / Joe DeVance
Hisashi Mitsui - Reggie Miller - Peter June Simon
Ryota Miyagi - Allen Iverson - Josh Urbiztondo
Hanamichi Sakuragi - Dennis Rodman - Marc Pingris [as Filipino Sakuragi]

Yayoi Aida - Basketball Weekly reporter (sister of Hikoichi Aida Ryonan's reserve player and team
manager) with Nakamura her assistant.

American Counterparts

 Dennis Rodman - The NBA Hustle and Rebounding King

Blake Griffin - NBA Dunking Master 

Chicago Bulls 

Japanese Counterpart

JR Sakuragi of Japanese National Team

 Kuroko No Basketball - Cartoon counterpart

Kuroko Tetsuya

Filipino Counterparts

Shohoku Team also comparable to Philippine Basketball Association team
Barangay Ginebra Kings for the "Never Say Die Team Spirit"

Marc Pingris - "Pinoy Sakuragi"

Hanamichi Sakuragi & Marc Pingris
Kings of Rebounds and Hustles
Winning hearts (puso).

Sir Walter Peter - "Capampangan Sakuragi"
"Mormon Sakuragi"
Little Center, Free throw Sakuragi Style. 
Crowd favorite in Top plays of the games.
Master of impossible shots per basketball game.
"The basketball god" - Korean University students

Videos (The Best of Slamdunk)

Sakuragi tied all time tournament record rebound of 22 "The King of Rebounds"
Last rebound the 23rd he out-rebounded an opponent, the opposing player fell hard Sakuragi judged by referee as foul. He was fouled out but received standing ovation in Tsukubu home-court.

Shohoku vs Kainan Highlights

Rukawa vs Sendoh

Shohoku Highlights

Slam Dunk Sensation 

Shohoku vs Ryokufu

Shohoku vs Shoyo-Ryonan
(Sakuragi game-winning jump shot)

Ichiro of Tomigaoka with Sakuragi, Miyagi & Mitsuhi (Red Team) vs Rukawa-Akagi led (White Team)
Ichiro & Hanamichi great play clinching game draw

National Tournament Opening
(All Star Players)

National Tournament Shohoku vs Sannoh (Animation based on Comic)
Slamdunk one of the great highlights that's not being animated on TV

Shohoku Highlights

Battle of Aces

#4 Shinichi Maki      #9 Eiji Sawakita 

#7 Akira Sendoh      #11 Kaede Rukawa      #10 Hanamichi Sakuragi

Slam Dunk Theme Songs Collection MTV (Summary)

The End

Slamdunk Complete Opening and Ending Songs



When I was 9 year old I suffered rheumatic heart disease started from feet towards my knees I can walked during the morning and so difficult to walk during the whole day. I walked like the Japanese drama based on true story character, Aya of One Liter of Tears. Some old women and other people angry when I accidentally pressed their legs in jeepney (Philippine public utility vehicle) cos is so hard to walk. Thanks to the helped of my father. The Doctor hammered my knees using rubber hammer. In my grade 3 is the most absent school year in my life. The last time I experienced this illness at 10 year old the brother of my grandma gave me an ointment then I got healed. I so glad I walked again. And traveled everywhere and I joined lots of sports, arts and community services. I saw Jesus Christ in clouds formation and I feared at first. Then, I want to be like him even I'm not perfect and I served the Lord in the Church and people. I learned not to say any bad words. Some people I helped and made them happy are calling me Angel. I'm so feel good. When I do good I feel good. I do some of great things in my life. Old men and women likes my and I helped them in time of needs and suffering pain. They love me as their own son. They wish I would be their son. In basketball games I suffered injuries being elbowed, bruises and dislocated bones. And I'm not fight back or say any bad or profane words. They called me angel and God gave me an impossible shots to the win and makes the crowd happy. And miracle happen in one game I supposed got the ball and someone push me hard and he got the ball. Then in our I dibbled coast to coast play so fast and I jump in three point area and I look for drop pass to any of my team mates but nobody there except opponents waiting me to landed. I'm in the air still thinking what should I do?. And a still small voice said unto me, "Shoot it!" I released the ball before my feet landed on the floor. And the ball go directly to the hoop and everyone shouting and laughing I did you do that what a move. Unbelievable, even the MVP high school player hug me because of that shot. I stayed in the air in a long moment. I'm pondering about that moment in my life. It's a miracle! And we won the game I made lots of field goal made. I thank my team mates for their good assist to me. Have a nice day.