I love collecting stamps from local to international. I received and sent thousands of letters across the planet. I do met 50 nationalities personally in my country. Thousands of Americans, hundreds of Koreans, more than fifties Samoans, Tongans and New Zealander. Some Chinese and Indians (India) in downtown & market sites. And at least one of the following nationalities. Miss Earth 2005 pageant Miss South Africa blonde South African woman, sexy and gorgeous women like Miss Thailand, Miss Taiwan, Miss Nicaragua, Miss Bolivia, Miss Canada, Miss Mauritius, Miss Latvia, Miss United Kingdom, Miss Cameroon, Miss Nuie Island, Miss Ghana, Miss Samoa, Miss Nigeria, Miss Bahamas, Miss Afghanistan, Miss Pakistan, Miss China the cutie I'm the only one talk to her cos she didn't speak English only Mandarin. Cutie eyes Miss Egypt and Miss Mexico. My pretty friends Miss Macedonia the porcelain skin, Miss Puerto Rico so Filipina-Spanish look tan skin beauty, Miss Netherlands kissed me, Miss Poland she's so beautiful and typical Euro skin, Gorgeous Miss Korea good in English and so lovely Miss Malaysia look like Tsinay cutie girl. I met a Japanese cute student in Angeles City. An Arab tourist in countyside. Met lots of Polynesian Islanders from Brigham Young University BYU-Hawaii. A Sudanese man on the phone. A lovely and kind Finnish penpal. Some I met in basketball games, South East Asian Games, conferences and gathering activities. A cutie Laos Woman sport deligation. Post crossing is a great hobby or venture in life nowadays and lots of people are pretty excited in doing this wonderful collection and friendship around the globe. And it is goodwill and peace in the world cos no barrier on sharing the culture from the four corners of the Earth. www.postcrossing.com is great website for post crossing and meeting people via postcard swap or trade. I followed the postcrossers' blogs like Collect ROC, Dorincard, Travel Postcard, Trupti Travels, Bohemia Collection, Send A Postcard Save Life, Carol Post Crossing Journey, Postcrossing and Stamps, My Postcard World, Shaunna's Postcrossing and Postcard Addiction, 3,349 World Postcard Challenge, Tulipost, Hello's From Everywhere, JANE B Enajpostcards, A Postcard Day, WWF Covers and Stamps, Stamp Collecting Blog Raivointie 1, e-philex, mysouvenirs-klmircea.blogspot, A Postcard Day, smspostcard.blogspot, Stampstraveller, Postcard A La Carte, My UNESCO WHS Postcards, Stamps A La Carte, Postcard A L a Carte2 , Dispostcard, The Pinay Postcrosser, angpostcard.blogspot, Lara's Cards and More, jasmine.postcard, Sunday Postcard Art, Postman, Europa Stamps, MB's Stamps of India, Send & Received, The Stamp Collecting Round Up, Rainbow Stamp Club, My Favorite Stamps, Rainbow Stamp Exchange, eD@HoMe, Lets Talk Stamps, Se-tenant stamps, Encycloworld Heritage Postcard, Borek99's Postcards, MY OLYMPIC PHILATELY, Abhisheks Postcrossing Journey, My Banknotes Collection, My Watercraft Philately, Orange Dreamer, Postcard Journey Around The World, Ana Postcards, Cheema Postcard, Ninocas Postcards, Hello's from everywhere, The Whole World in Postcard, Licia's Postcard Blog, Postcardy, Postcard From You, My Cool Cover Collection, Filocartia, Ulvikaru Postcards, Julie's Postcard, postcardkris.blogspot, Gem's World Postcard, 9teen87's Postcards, cpaphil vintage postcard, martinha-cards.blogspot.com, Ganesh Blog, Flienie's blog, Bryanna's Postcard Blog, Astro's Stamps Blog, Gone With The Postcard Blog, Jota's Postcard Blog, Marineko's Postcard Blog, My Card For Trade, Marcia's Postcard Blog, Ansichtskarten and more, Deltiology, ghitagabrieladrian.blogspot, World Nice Postcard, stampsmet.blogspot, Johan Postcard, Postcard Worldwide, Letter on my mailbox, Album de estampillas, Island Stamps, M's Mailbox and more to mention like Postcrossingcostarica and 711collection.blogspot.com. Meet this people around the world.
The postcard photo is the Cultural Center of the Philippines. I like cultural show I watched from Polynesians and some Asians The BYU-Hawaii Showcase and local Florante at Laura. I participated also in stage singing group, choir, acapella solo; dancing- solo, retro and cultural, Filipino Folk dance, 2008 Korean cultural-"Kapturi & Kapsuni", last January 2009" Nobody But You" by Wonder Girls -Korean Modern; stage play like roadshow champion"The King Who Never Show His Face", Family, Family Home Evening, Comedy Skit, The Mormon Pioneer and Nemo.


Dorincard said...

I re-post my comment from my blog http://dorincard.blogspot.com:

Thank you!
Since you love basketball...
I have a basketball album, with many photos, of various sizes, with famous players.
I want to create a few maximum cards, either with existing stamps (individualized or generic) or with Zazzle stamps (probably only generic, since I don't hope to get the approval of those celebrities).

iAmGawwy said...

Sigh i miss performing in CCP hope to do it again at least once...

Bradpetehoops said...

Great Dorin hope I see those, have a nice day. Thank you for visiting and commenting on my blog.

Bradpetehoops said...

Peter Pan it is good to go back and perform at the famous CCP. God bless you.

orazatachi said...

Thank you!, nice blog too, thanks for coming!

Bradpetehoops said...

Dude, how nice is your is your venture?! Postcards and stamps collection. Rock out!

Bradpetehoops said...

Dorin and Grace Choong are rockin' out with their postcards, covers and stamps. I do also appreciate the other collectors of these stuffs. More power.

Anonymous said...

Good dancing postcard Pilipin saram.

Bradpetehoops said...


Bradpetehoops said...

Dorin I will send to you WWF Postcard. Thanks!

Ash Fox said...

stamp collections are awesome. my dad collects them too.



Bradpetehoops said...

Great Ash Fox.

To everyone you can also post your blog about stamps and postcard here in my blog comments.

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