Mormon Helping Hands Philippines

Mormon Helping Hands Bulaon Branch

Bulaon Barangay Hall

The Sister's Act, Called to Serve - City of San Fernando, Pampanga PHILIPPINES

Sister's Act II, the Relief Society on the run in cleaning the Park.

Captain Sid / Tatay Puno kidding and rock-out in Bulaon Resettlement.

Oldies but goodies in serving the community. Nanay Teresita & Tatay Bebing.

Sister Act III, the Young Women cleaning the School Streets.

The Alurmo Sibling are Dengue Fever Busters by removing stugnant waters.

Sister's Act IV, Alurmo Sisters cleaning the park. Men in white are Bacolor Mayor Jomar Hizon's Cleaner Boys.

The Super Kids

Sister's Act V, Nanay Puno collecting clean water for the needy families.

Potrero High School in Bulaon, CSF, Pampanga

Grade - 7 Perseverance Classroom repainting operation

Malino High School in Mexico, Pampanga


Malino High School Street

Angeles Philippines Stake Mormon Helping Hands (Super Habagat)

Angeles Stake Mormon Helping Hands (Super Habagat)

Bulaon Main Road

Sagip Ilog Abacan, Angeles City

LDS Charity / Mormon Helping Hands during Super Habagat Disaster.

Super Habagat Great Flood 8-7-12 coincident Genesis chapter 8:7-12 Noah's Arc & the Great Flood.

Have I Done Any Good


Mangyan Adventurer said...

Naks naman! Natuwa lang ako lalo kasi naka uniform pa lahat,...

Nice campaign!

Bradpetehoops said...

Thanks, for formality cos most of the time people confused. They thought they are under political campaign boosters and political additional popularity rate. That's why as an unpaid volunteers they wear this Mormon Helping Hands vest. Thanks, Salamat, Arigato, Komawoyo and Agyamannak.


interesting post

Bradpetehoops said...

Thanks! Aripi!

Anonymous said...


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