Sir Walter Peter

Sir Walter

2011 - 2012

Class Adviser of 7 - Camia and 8 - Emerald
Values Education / MAPEH
Highlight: Interim Scout Master

 2012 - 2013 

Adviser of 7 - Perseverance
Highlights: Cluster IV Basketball Boys Coach Bronze Medalist

  Field Trip SM Clark

After Field Trip in Clarkfield

Teacher-Students Cleaning Time

 Science Class

 Values Education Class

Science Class

 TLE - Cookery

TLE - Nail Care

2013 - 2014

My First Classroom

Met my former students from Malino HS

Met my former students from Potrero HS


Field Trip @ Enchanted Kingdom

Rest and Recreation (RNR) @ Subic Bay

2014 - 2015

After Brigada Eskuwela @Cabetican and Sta. Barbara, Bacolor

 Grade 8 Sepak Takraw Team - Silver Medalists

Grade 10 Sepak Takraw Team - Gold Medalists

Culmination Activity

World Teachers Day
Highlight: Wellness Dance Champion

Christmas Party

Joint Recognition and Graduation Exercises

Rest and Recreation (RNR) @ Baguio City

2015 - 2016

Brigada Eskuwela

SM Pampanga Field Trip - Anti Bullying Film Showing
Highlights: Sir Walter's Artista-like escalator moment
"Sigaw ng mga fans moment hehehe."

Tigdas Vaccination

Values Teacher

Grade 7 Sepak Takraw Team - Bronze Medalists

World Teachers Day
Highlight: Alden's Kalyeserye Reenactment

Wellness Dance Competition

Class Adviser of 7 - Generosity

Parents - Teachers Conference / Cards-out
Highlight: In one of the quarter 100% attendees and one of them
remarks "E cami sumawang munta school cung macanyan ya
caganaca ing mestrang salubung quecami."

English and Filipino Culminating Activity

Filipino Subject Culminating Activity
Highlight: Maikling Kuwento Segment

School Gardening

Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao 8 Scrapbook of Friendship page


Christmas Party

DEPED Conference

Foundation Day

Mr & Miss SV 2016

Retreat @ Sta. Barbara, Bacolor

Moving Up and Recognition Day 

ARSD Teachers Socialization

Rest and Recreation (RNR) @ Baler, Aurora

2016 - 2017
2-Day Enrollment Schedule Grade 8

Brigada Eskuwela


Sir Joel Farewell Party

Grade 7 Basketball Team - Bronze Medalists

Intramural Meet - Team Grade 7 - Hawks



Culminating Activity - Recycled Dress



ICT Seminar

World Teacher's Day
 Highlight: Most Helpful Teacher (TVE Boys)

Effective and Efficient Classroom Discussion
TVE Subjects: Masonry and Agricultural Crop Production

Fire Drill as Fireman

TVE - Agricultural Crop Production

7 - Enthusiasm Class with TVE Boys Teachers Christmas Party
(Sir Walter and Sir Julius)

Cluster Seminar - Diversity of Learners and RPMS

Highlight: Best in Zumba

TVE Teachers Socialization

Provincial Boy Scout Jamboree @ Clarkfield

Gratitude Night

SLAC Seminar for teachers 5 years and below in service

Retreat II @ Sta. Barbara, Bacolor
Highlight: The Notable Humorous Recitation

During Checking of Students' Clearances

Recognition Day

Moving Up Ceremony

GAD - Gender and Development @ Westwood Farm, San Jose, Tarlac

4th Quarter Parents - Teachers Conference / Cards - Out

2017 - 2018


Brigada Eskuwela

Pre - Opening Seminar


Staff Meeting

Ground / Soil Testing

PTA Conference



Sepak Takraw Girls Champion in Cluster IV Division of Pampanga
Highlight: Champion Coach

World Teacher's Day Celebration
Highlight: 1st Runner Up

World Teacher's Day Celebration 
Division of Pampanga



Boys Scouts and Girls Scout Investiture

Teachers Christmas Party
Highlight: Dance Interpretative Contest Champion

Ribbon Cutting for Renovated Grade - 9 Building

SLAC/ Zumba

Retreat @ Morong Star Resort

Election of Officers SVPSPC Employees Association
Highlight: "I nominate myself as Business Manager".

SVPSPC Employees Association Induction of New Officers

SVPSPC Employees Association 3rd Meeting