Angeles Philippines Stake Jubilee Presentation

It's so great event and miraculously with divine intervention. "Cos they said that day its rain cats and dogs in the area of Pampanga. People said "Its raining in Angeles City, City of San Fernando, Mexico, Bacolor and Mabalacat but there is no rain here". But in this venue before the start of the big event strong winds and some droplets for a minute but people prayed and the Lord drove away the dark clouds. The people enjoyed the awesome event at basketball court of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints in Essel Park, Telabastagan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga. Its a miracle and wonderful cultural show of singing and dancing (Kapampangan folk songs & cultural dances). (05/14/2011) Let's preserve Kapampangan Culture.

 Opening and Philippine National Anthem.

The dark clouds of rain drove away.

Kapampangan Cultural Folk Songs & Church Hymns.

Sinukuan Dance (Pampanga Folk Dance)

Sinukuan Dance performed by: Bulaon Branch, San Fernando 1st & 2nd Ward and Sto. Tomas Branch.

  Itik - Itik (Folk Dance)

  Banga performed by: Pandan Ward, Balibago Ward, Angeles Ward & Arayat Branch

 Banga Princess (Pandan)


Ortelanu performed by: Mabalacat Ward, Dau Branch & Sta. Lucia Branch

Dancing Lights

The Beautiful Sky during the Angeles Philippines Stake Jubilee Presentation


Ortelanung Mais