Go Diego and Alicia of Bulaon Philippines

Jerik and Angelica they do small stunning things to drive away the breeding areas of the killer dengue mosquitoes that makes big difference. Looking for empty cans and bottles, old tires with water. Drained or removed trapped water elsewhere they discovered. For their wonderful stuff they did, you say "Click!!!"

Go Diego with Alicia (a great educational cartoon)

Jerik and Angelica are the reality Diego and Alicia of our lives. They help the community even they are young the same age as fictional cartoon character Diego and Alicia. They do community services with the adult members of Mormon Helping Hands (The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints) in Bulaon, Northville-14, San Rafael, Mexico in Pampanga, Philippines. They also clean the streets, parks and schools. They removed clogs from the drainage holes metal screen bars and painted it. They are young modern day heroes.

Dora the Explorer !!!

Bulaon Branch Mormon Helping Hands Volunteers in action.


Anonymous said...

Go Diego Go! I like Diego! Viva!

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