NBA Finals 2012

2012 NBA Finals Schedule

Game 1 Tuesday June 12 Miami @ Oklahoma City
(June 13 in Republic of the Philippines via ABS-CBN Sports)
Game 2 Thursday June 14 Miami @ Oklahoma City
Game 3 Sunday June 17 Oklahoma City @ Miami
Game 4 Tuesday June 19 Oklahoma City @ Miami
*Game 5 Thursday June 21 Oklahoma City @ Miami
*Game 6 Sunday June 24 Miami @ Oklahoma City
*Game 7 Tuesday June 26 Miami @ Oklahoma City

*  if necessary

Kevin Durant vs Lebron James (small forward)
Durant the best scorer in regular while James in playoffs. Kevin is pure scorer and scoring champ in three seasons. He's a player like Jordan - Olajuwon kind of player.  Lebron all around player Magic - Jordan type of hoop combo. Both are simply dominating the hard court. Battle of two Olympic champions. Chase of their first ring. Who will be the lord of the ring? Lebron or Durant.

Serge Ibaka vs Shane Battier (power forward)
Ibaka the guardian of the sky and human eraser while Battier can clamp underneath the paint and detonates bombs from trey region. 

Kendrick Perkins vs Udonis Haslem (center)
Perkins hulking the paint while Haslem is a little great wall.

Thabo Sefolosha vs Dwyane Wade (shooting guard)
Sefolosha can shutdown great guards while D-Wade an awesome slasher.

Russell Westbrook vs Mario Chalmers (point guard)
Westbrook advantage is speed and explosives while Mario the big brother bomber from downtown.  

James Harden vs Chris Bosh (sixth man)
Harden is everywhere treat, dunking and shooting three. While Big Bosh can control the lane and with mid and long range guns.  

Photo courtesy of Mike Ehrmann, Ronald Martinez / Getty Images

Derek Fisher, Nick Collison, Daequan Cook and Nazr Mohammed vs. Mike Miller, Joel Anthony, Ronny Turiaf and Norris Cole (reserves)
Fisher is always good for a big shot or two this time of year. Nick, Nazr and Cook are dangerous, too. The Heat men Mike, Joel and Turiaf has  hustling powers with little Cole give you surprise buckets.   

Scott Brooks vs Erik Spoelstra (coach)
These couple of men will be like chess grand masters.

Lebron James Road to the Finals

Game one result: OKC Thunders freeze of the Miami Heats 105-94, OKC Thunders lead series [1-0] 

Game two result: Tied series Heats burned OKC 100-96 [1-1]

Game three result: Feel the Heat 91-85 over the Thunder [2-1]

Game four result: The Escape of the Heat 104-98 [3-1]

Game five result: We are the Champions 121-106 *[4-1]

*comparative to Chicago Bulls - LA Lakers 1991 NBA Finals Series 


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Bukas na to! I like!!!

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Durantula will loss if James turn into sting of wasp. Lebron Go!!! Leron Go sounds like Chinese or Korean name. Hehehehe!

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Feel the Heat Baby.

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I'm a certified MIAMI FAN!!!!!!!

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