World Inspiring Students and Teachers

Inspiring Students and Teachers across the World photos

Thanks for the wonderful photos. Inspiring students across the globe. The 2nd photo, students from YU Daegu, South Korea and they're so kind, polite and well discipline students I met. A piece of heaven with them cos they're all inspiring that touch my heart. Some photos of students they fight the hardship in this world to pursuit education as a key to success. Patriotism spirit, a student save the Philippine flag in the middle of storm. From crossing rivers and seas via swim, sip-lines, scary bridges, rafts, boats etc; to remote travels via motorcycles, tricycles, buses, trucks, bikes, hand tractors, water buffalo wagon, jeepneys and walking crossing swamp, rough roads, grasslands, mud land, monsoon rains, 3 mountains, road with dangerous wild animals and azkals (stray dogs), heavy rains, floods, rocky roads, crossing river with crocs, cliff, etc. In the midst of gov't conflicts or being bullied. Overload classroom, flooded classrooms, Lahar (volcanic debris) and class rooms with lack of facilities. Some senior citizen choose education even they are in the twilight of their lives. Under the tree education, behind big fence, multi purpose gym, destroyed buildings, on roads, railroads etc. But these students or pupils are keeping on studying. Cos education is the key to success.