Dengue is one of the deadliest virus in tropical region. Some beautiful children, women and men are died, their family mourned and depressed in aweful gloom. I saw some they are thin after they survived the deadly dengue fever. Nowadays it is rainy season in the Philippines. There are more stagnant waters elsewhere. Always clean up the backyard 'cos mosquitos haven are dark and dump places of garbage of assorted junks. Clean our surroundings "Tapat ko linis ko" (Clean our own vicinity). Empty anything with stagnant waters where dengue breeding ground like tires, open cans, flower vase, anything that traps stagnant H2O. Upturn anything that can hold agua (water) 'cos they are notorious in nesting dengue mosquito eggs. Put screen on windows. Some doors are dual, the one is screen door to protect from flies, mosquitos and other insects. Spray insecticides to kills those invaders specially in dark part of our homes. When mosquitos are present wear pants, pajamas, long sleeves, socks and gloves to protect ourselves from those notorious blood suckers. In community, they used fogging method to drive away mosquitos talaquito. Some good community volunteers like Mormon Helping Hands, Universities and Colleges NSTP Programs and among other volunteers, concern citizens and cleaners cleaning the surroundings, parks, streets, schools, hospitals etc. Always eats fruits and vegetables for our protection. Cleanliness is next to Godliness. Prevention is better than cure. I killed hundred thousands of dengue mosquitos to prevent dengue virus outbreak in our area. Photos see photos above by Paul Zborowski.

Herbal Medicine for Dengue: Tawa Tawa Plants

How to fight Dengue Fever? (2 videos)

Tagalog and English Tips


Anonymous said...

This mornin' I was being bite by mosquitos, are they dengue mosquitos?

Bradpetehoops said...

Keep your body healthy. Prevent dengue mosquitoes in your surrounding and destroys their breeding areas.

Anonymous said...

Apple Cider available in malls and hypermarkets.

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