Boston Big 3 Rules

The Boston Celtics Big 3 hammered the Miami Heats' 3 Kings in tuned of 88-80 in season open sesami. Despite of King James, Lebron scattered 31 season high in points. This day D-Wade got 30 points as the Heats passed the Phillis 76rs. The new kingdom of Cavaliers managed to win over the mighty Shamrocks in tuned of 95-87 without the King James version.  

Big - 3 Highlights


Anonymous said...

The Boston Celtics are more stronger this season. What about you Bradpete, how's your game?

Bradpetehoops said...

Last 25th of October 2010 birthday of my mother, a bishop of LDS church invited me to play hoops in Essel Park near Angeles City. In first game I rallied with a tremendous fast-break plays via steals and made quick couple of they said Kobe like layup. In the midst of the game we trailed by couple of field goals. And we made a rally down the stretch to stole the game. I made 70% of my teams production. Game no. 2 I made couple of jump shots and burn out substitution occur. Rest for 30 minutes. I decided to clean the street down there. Then, I came back to the game no. 3 managed to pulled lots of boards, doing assists and block a scorer. I made quality shots including a behind the backboard jump shot set the crown roaring. In 3 on 3 with the missionaries I cant move very well because I'm so tired, thirsty and hungry that time I only managed to scored three field goals in losing effort. I forced my self to the limit. While the sun going up the fatigue is all over my body. But I love that day cos some called my our MVP. Have a wonderful day.