VHG (Vegetable Home Gardening) - it is so fun to do and highly beneficial for our family. It's 100% organic and it is good to eat without pesticides. Mananaman - means planting in Kapampangan dialect / language. Me, my mother & friends loves vegetables home gardening. President Jose M. Briones of Angeles Philippines Stake (CJCLDS) shared to us the power of vegetable home gardening. I'm so grateful to him for his wonderful inspiration. We did it and we're happy to eat the nutritious cassava, moringa (malungay), eggplants, tomatoes, ube, red hot chili pepper, sweet potatoes, okra, sting beans, sigarilyas and bitter melons. Instead of buying in the market, we just pick up or harvest in our home garden. Saves some money.

Other benefits I saw in recent days the place has cooler and clean air, that's good for our blood circulation. The compost soil with living organisms like beneficial earthworms & millipedes. Lady bugs kills the destroyer aphids, Birds (Denas) eats the worms that cuts and eats the leaves. One Denas bird landed on my belly while I'm seated and I hold it and set it then let it flyaway. Prying mantis slams and eats grasshoppers and crickets. Dragonflies, fruit bats and toads (carag) catches dengue and malaria mosquitoes. Bees & butterflies with variety of colors white, yellow, brown, multicolor & apple green. Some butterflies landed on my right hand. I saw the impressive balance of nature and life and no need to put pesticides and fertilizer (abono) that's harmful for our body and ecosystem. My friends has home vegetable & fruits gardens, too. President Pabs Marbella with his neighbors in Barangay Calulut. They made used of the vacant lots for awesome vegetable gardening in their area. Isidro Roque Puno Sr sets a great vegetable garden in Rockville, Barangay Malpitic. Rey Suyom has impressive fruit bearing trees in Mexico, Pampanga. Ramboo's father from Mexico (P) is great in planting, too. Fiscal Caliope Jung de Guzman and her mother are great in backyard vegetable gardening in Summer-field. Jenny Teopengco is great in planting eggplants in cans while Lilia Segovia has hanging plants in Northville - 14. My mother produces home gardening in our side-yard and mind is in Saudi Arabia Barangay Bulaon. Ronald P. David (my taller friend & teammate in Streetball Iraq) is king of vegetable gardening in Iraq, Barangay Bulaon. My college teacher in farming Mr. L. Arceo BSIE of Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University (DHVTSU), Bacolor, Pampanga, Philippines is expert in vegetable gardening. I'm I a cooler hand or green thumb cos most of the seeds I planted are sprouting and growing. Nowadays, I thank God for the rains and good sunlight. Vegetables and fruits are one of the things that makes me younger looking.




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