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Walter Peter is an honest basketball player, not rude in the basketball arena cos he is good and meek. God gave him unbelievable moves, shots and jaw drop amazing things in the hard court. Shooting long distances 25ft, mid court up to free throw line of the other end of the court, 3 pointer hook shots. Lay ups and jump shot behind the board people saw unbelievable things. Shooting free threw close eyes and no look backward. No look backward 3 points swishing through the net many times. Bounce shot, lay up from free throw, lay up from point line and lay-up from mid court the bowling swishing shot. The amazing one is mid court backward no look bounce from the free throw to good bounces to the hoop. 53 feet throw bounce and swish shot, mid-court scoop lay up shot.  Yeah! One of the unbelievable coast to coast dribbling jump from the three point territory then looking for drop pass but none of my teammates is there only the defenses of opponents in space of time like I pose in the mid-air and thinking before I was landed I throw the ball cos I heard in small voice saying "Shoot it!" I landed and the ball goes directly to the hoop. My teammates said, "How did you do that? Unbelievable and they laughing giving high five and the opposing team jaws down and some shake there heads. Incredible pump shot vs all opposing players. Doing awesome high arcing 20-25ft tear drop shots everyone are laughing and smiling about those shots. Heavily defended in three point even I was covered by two giants I did a high arcing shot swishing trey. Mid court base ball shot hit the rim strongly bounce up high and goes down to the hoop. The 360 degree lay up high bank shot. The no look double crosser reverse shot over good looking guy named Morton. Yeah! Unbelievable shot in the league. The crowd are shouting and jumping. Streetball History-The street ball tomahawk dunk turning point of the game. 10 blocks, 14 assists (Streetball high) , 10 steals, 40 rebounds and 66 points in street ball game (Quintuple Double). Quadruple Double -85 points (Street ball high), 45 rebounds (Streetball high), 14 blocks (Streetball high), & 11 steals (Streetball high). First Triple Double - 60 points, 29 rebounds & 11 assists. All game winning shot 14. In big and top league, game high is 19 points. Playoffs Semifinals high 11 points, Championship best is 13 points in estimated 15-20 minutes. Championship game low is 2 points. Best league average 11 points per game. Became playing coach cos our strongest 5 players moves to more prestige league I average 17 points per game. Played 40 full minutes 7 times. Longest game double over time in a championship game loss by a point, my last championship appearance and played with injured shoulder. Most number of 3 points is 4 all swishing (nothing but net "swak" 1-meter beyond the rainbow territory toughest secret weapon against zone defense, the breakaway of the game). Hit 47 points in a Basketball Marathon (like All-Star game all best players are there with average players of different teams), a pre-season game high 37 points, GS best with Koreans 19 field goals (95%) of total team points & the score 20-19. Scoring machine in Streetballs games. Full court Friendship games high 34 points (including the game winning fast-break lay up) and the low is 20. Koreans dubbed me as the "Basketball god". 

Basketball Awards and Achievements:

  • Champion as player - 1 time
  • Champion as coach - 1 time
  • 1st Runner up as player - 5 times
  • 1st Runner up as coach - 1 time
  • 2nd Runner up as player - 1 time
  • 2nd Runner up as coach (DEPED Congressional Meet) - 1 time 
  • 3rd Runner up as playing coach ( 3x3 ) - 1 time
  • Sportsmanship Award
  • Early Bird Award (Team's Punctuality / on time)
  • Most number of Attendance Award (complete attendance of players and coaching staff)
  • 2nd Runner up (3 Point Shoot out)
  • 1st Runner up (Buzzer Beater Challenge)
  • Basketball Team Escort  
  • One on One winning streak - 21
  • Three  points shot streak - 8
  • Three points streak (game) - 4
  • Free throw shooting streak - 33
  • Free throw percentage in 100 attempts - 96/100 - 96%
  • Quintuple Double - 1 time
  • Quadruple Double - 1 time
  • Triple Double - 2 times  
Other Sports Awards and Achievements:

  • Baseball as player - gold medalist
  • Softball as player - silver medalist
  • Sepak Takraw as coach - bronze medalist
Latter Day Saints Games / Sports Activities
  • Badminton - 2nd Place
  • Table Tennis - 2nd Place
  • Sepak Takraw - 1st Place
  • 3K Run - 5th Place
  • Hammer Throw - 1st Place
  • Javelin Throw - 2nd Place
  • Shot Put - 2nd Place
  • Billiard 9-Ball Double - 1st Place (game winning epic shot)
  • 200 m dash - 2nd Place
Other Achievements:
  • Canoeing (Lakeshore, Mexico)
  • Biking (Bulaon Resett to Angeles City, Porac, Bacolor, City of San Fernando back to Bulaon Resett.; Angeles City to Bulaon 30 mins.; Angeles City to City of San Fernando 58 mins. raining; Megadike 22km - 47 mins; Bulaon Bulaon Resett.  to Clark to Dau Mabalacat City back to Bulaon Resett.)
  • Running (City of San Fernando - Bulaon Resettlement [40 mins. run in heavy rain])
  • Walking (Mabalacat City - Angeles City - City of San Fernando; San Jose Malino Mexico - Bulaon Resettlement [1 hour and 25 mins.]
  • Biking without handling (Lakeshore; Purok 1 Bulaon, Phase II Bulaon to Phase I Block 104)
  • Hiking / Mountain Climbing  (Mt. Arayat [5 hours = 3 hours up and 2 hours down]; Oas, Albay, Mt. Mayon, Albay; Matnog, Sorsogon; Mt. Makiling, Laguna)
  • Boy Scouting (Bacolor, Pampanga; Angeles Philippines Stake; Clarkfield, Pampanga)   
  • Basketball Tricks (Bicol, Pampanga, Angeles City, Bataan, NCR, Pangasinan and Baguio City) 



When I was 9 year old I suffered rheumatic heart disease started from feet towards my knees I can walked during the morning and so difficult to walk during the whole day. I walked like the Japanese drama based on true story character, Aya of One Liter of Tears. Some old women and other people angry when I accidentally pressed their legs in jeepney (Philippine public utility vehicle) cos is so hard to walk. Thanks to the helped of my father. The Doctor hammered my knees using rubber hammer. In my grade 3 is the most absent school year in my life. The last time I experienced this illness at 10 year old the brother of my grandma gave me an ointment then I got healed. I so glad I walked again. And traveled everywhere and I joined lots of sports, arts and community services. I saw Jesus Christ in clouds formation and I feared at first. Then, I want to be like him even I'm not perfect and I served the Lord in the Church and people. I learned not to say any bad words. Some people I helped and made them happy are calling me Angel. I'm so feel good. When I do good I feel good. I do some of great things in my life. Old men and women likes my and I helped them in time of needs and suffering pain. They love me as their own son. They wish I would be their son. In basketball games I suffered injuries being elbowed, bruises and dislocated bones. And I'm not fight back or say any bad or profane words. They called me angel and God gave me an impossible shots to the win and makes the crowd happy. And miracle happen in one game I supposed got the ball and someone push me hard and he got the ball. Then in our I dibbled coast to coast play so fast and I jump in three point area and I look for drop pass to any of my team mates but nobody there except opponents waiting me to landed. I'm in the air still thinking what should I do?. And a still small voice said unto me, "Shoot it!" I released the ball before my feet landed on the floor. And the ball go directly to the hoop and everyone shouting and laughing I did you do that what a move. Unbelievable, even the MVP high school player hug me because of that shot. I stayed in the air in a long moment. I'm pondering about that moment in my life. It's a miracle! And we won the game I made lots of field goal made. I thank my team mates for their good assist to me. Have a nice day.