Ginebra San Miguel Champion

Barangay Ginebra San Miguel
Governor's Cup 2016 Champion

After long eight years of struggles, pains and upsets. Now the Kings reign supreme again in an epic journey back to the top. Paul Harris the northern star was injured and Justine Brownlee the Gin King Hero save the day for the never say die (NSD) team in PBA. In his first game he suffered jet lag and cramps due to excessive humidity in the Philippines but he was resilient all game 'till overtime versus Alaska Aces. Then he came back strong the next 9 games. The gigantic Gregzilla suffered back to back injuries. But power up the team from the bench. 

In quarterfinals the Battle Royale: Kings vs Aces, they beat the title contender or league best runner up finishers.

Semifinals epic game 1, 3 and 5. One of the great semifinals in PBA history. The Battle of Runs, Sibling Rivalry, Battle of Liquor Bottles (Beer vs Gin)  The Kings escaped Beeracle 24-0 run. Brownlee and Thomson led the runaway to last one ride final birth.

Finals known as Battle of the Underdogs the BGSM vs Meralco Bolts. Seesaw run game 1-3 in favor of Meralco 2-1. Jayjay Helterbrand and Mark Caguioa Never Say Die spirits live on and seal by JDV.
Game 5 Japeth Aguilar their main hero.

Game 6 Epic finished. Down by 15, Living Legend Robert Jaworski pep talk at the half pump up the Kings led by LA Gineral Tinyente LA Pinoy Hardwood Hollywood best actor of the series took home the Finals MVP. Defensive job of Sol Train Mercado three point market boom. Pabili pabili JDV JDV (song) just kidding great job on hustle, defense and game 4 clutch turnaround shot. Jayjay and MC 47 the spark plugs of 4th quarter run down 15 to snatched and tied the game 2-2 in game 4. Typhoon Karen was around in 2008 quest for 2008 Fiesta Cup finals the Kings last championship. Typhoon Karen was again around in finals Gov Cup 2016. 

Ginebra never won a title on the same team they beaten in their eight championship. Meralco Bolts were new and first time in finals. Ginebra beat them 91-88 for their 9 titles surpassed Toyota Corollas (former team of Big J) in fifth place on hardware (trophies) collections. Meralco also Big J's team in MICAA a major basketball league in the Philippines before PBA. Now we will express our gratitude to the BGSM NSD that makes us happy after 8 year drought. Super Rook Earl Scottie Triple Double Machine Thompson. Typhoon Lawin pampasuwerte rin Japeth Aguila (British accent hahaha) joke. The tallest guy in the series. The Ginebra Armies - Air Force Ellis, Villamor Air Base, Fort Bonifacio, Camp Mariano, Jervy Cruzaders, Nico Salva cion Army and Marshall Marcelo.

5.5 seconds thousands of cellphone flashlights lighted up and fans chanted Ginebra, Ginebra... Brownlee hit the game historic three point shot from top of the key at the buzzer against Meralco's king of the board and league best import Allen Durham seal the Ginebra fairy tale sweet ending. Sent fans on frenzy roar and tears of joy. Eight year time bomb C4 was exploded bam, wow, wow!!! 
Greatest Basketball Architect  Coach Tim Cone with his assistant coaches, team managers and staff.

And of course the Ginebra Fans the Sixth Man of our team.
Maria Gracia Gonzales revived "Kapag Nananalo ang Ginebra" by Gary Granada. 

List of Ginebra San Miguel Greatest Imports

Billy Ray Bates
Michael Hackett
Jervis Cole
Chris King 
Justine Brownlee
Chris Alexander
Carlos Briggs
Wesley Matthews
Henry James
Torraye Braggs
Vernon Mcklin
Nate Brumfield
Joe Ward
Tommy Davis
Bobby Parks
Sylvester Gray
David Noel
Jamie Waller
Cedric Bozeman
Mitchell Wiggins
Steve Hood
Chris Porter
Alexander Coles
Zach Mason
Tyrone Hopkins 
Brian Green


Barangay Ginebra San Miguel Governors Cup Champion

This is my prediction, cos the Gin Kings will be the championship team again in PBA. Governor's Cup 2016. Based on its trends since 1986, 30 years ago, Ginebra San Miguel wins championship if their opposing teams has different name or franchise team. They never win a championship versus same teams.

Their Elite Eight Championship

1986 Open Conference 
vs Manila Beer 
4 - 1

1988 All Filipino Conference
vs Purefoods 
3 - 1

1991 First Conference
vs Shell 
4 - 3

1997 Commissioner's Cup
vs Alaska 
4 - 2

2004 Fiesta Cup
vs Red Bull 
3 - 1

2004 - 05 Philippine Cup
vs Talk N' Text 
4 - 2

2006 - 07 Philippine Cup
vs San Miguel Beer 
4 - 2

2007 - 08 Fiesta Cup
vs Air 21 
4 - 3


Happy Father's Day

-First local Father's Day celebrated on June 19, 1910, in Spokane, Washington USA.

-Father's Day was celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June.

-Sonora Louise Smart Dodd, of Spokane, Washington, started in honor of her dad (June 19 her father's birthday), William Smart, a widowed Civil War veteran.

-In 1916, US President Woodrow Wilson approved the idea of observing an annual Father's Day.

-In 1966, US President Lyndon Johnson signed presidential proclamation declaring the 3rd Sunday of June as Father's Day.

-5th rank in holiday sending cards, $100 million, 7 million cards in United Kingdom.

-Official flower: Roses, red for alive and white for deceased.

-Most gift is necktie followed by hammer and golf club.

-In 1972, President Richard Nixon signed public law that made it permanent.

-3 Ps: Protect, Provide and Peace.

-"I'm a strong person, I'm a strong family man, I'm a strong husband, I'm a strong father." - David Beckham


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