Teachers' Day


Happy Teachers Day

I do acknowledge and give thanks to my teachers since I was born namely:

Baby, toddler and pre-school era.

My mother - thought me all things about life and how to survive in this world. Principle of Self Reliance.
My father - my first English teacher.
Lola Mirang - my first religious teacher with my mother.
Ate Emang - first Math teacher.
Madam "Dadang" Carreon - kinder (one day only 'cos I told my mom I'm to young to start schooling) Japanese style of classroom cleanliness and disciplinarian.

Elementary Era

Madam Pineda - My grade 1 teacher, who always took care of me specially when my things are being misplaced.
Madam David - my grade II teacher. She's a good teacher.
Madam Rivera -  in my 3rd grade, she said I had a pair of beautiful eyes.
Madam Dimarucut - energetic, pretty and awesome substitute teacher that time.
Madam Maria P. Carreon - Grade IV (half day afternoon class) I learned about plants and weather.
Madam Rodriguez - (Adviser) Grade V my cradle interest in Science subject. She's a great Science teacher.
Madam Capili - (Adviser) Grade VI she said my penmanship is beautiful. 
Mr. Quiroz - Great Scout Master, Agriculture and Home Economics teacher (Grade 5 and 6)

High School Era

Madam Clara D. Umanga (Freshmen Adviser) - Impressive Filipino teacher.
Madam Rita S. Tiongco - an angelic English teacher.
Madam Marissa M. Lee - one of the greatest Gen. Science & Biology teacher in the world.
Madam Anita Caballa - the Values teacher.
Madam Absolina Quizon - my great teacher in Algebra.
Madam Anita Galang - I learned a lot in Geometry. Thanks for my scholarship in college.
Madam Cristina Mesina - (2nd year Adviser) dakilang Aralin Panlipunan teacher.
Madam Edna Galang - PE & Arnis teacher.
Madam Eufrocinia Rubi - Health teacher.
Madam Anita Sibug - greatest Literature teacher.
Madam Severina Samia - awesome Physics teacher.
Madam Salvacion Lacson - a goodly English teacher.
Madam Laurencia Nicdao - a great teacher of Entrepreneurship.
Madam Angelita Miranda - (3rd year Adviser) greatest teacher in Drawing.
Madam Matilde Galang - (4th year Adviser) a nice Filipino subject teacher.
Madam Maria Torno - greatest Philippine History Teacher.
Mr. Fortunato Cortez - my great teacher in Electricity.
Mr. Enrique Guanlao - the Sculptor. Man of Skills.
Mr. Avelino Ferrer - great Drum & Bugle Corps.
Mr. Jose Pallasigue - Drum & Bugle teacher.

(Shop Tool Keeper in Woodworking Class)

College Era

BSIE (Bachelor in Science in Industrial Education) Major in Industrial Arts
Madam Paciencia Gozun - great Physical Education teacher.
Madam Clara Umangay - my former great Filipino subject teacher, she was my teacher again after couple of years.
Madam Miriam Buenviaje - A gorgeous and genius Math teacher.
Madam Lita Nicdao - a good English teacher.
Dr. Carolina Henzon  - the great Values Education. I learned discipline and alertness.
Madam Carla Manago - great Educational & Vocational Guidance teacher / Psychology / Sense of Humor.
Dr. Alegre Cruz  - a kind and great teacher.
Madam Juliana Salalila - great teacher in Principles & Methods of Teaching.
Madam Antonina Nacpil - a good English teacher.
Madam Francisca Carreon - a great teacher in Philippine History, I love Philippine History.
Madam Lourdes Cruz - a great English teacher and used to call me an Angel. That time, she wanted that all students to be like me.
Madam Annaliza Nicdao - a great and gorgeous Applied Mathematics teacher. I like her penmanship. I mimicked some of her writing style.
Madam Josefina Naguiat - a nice Values Education teacher.
Dr. Raquel Puno  -  great teacher Phil. Ind. & Socio-Eco Life. I became a good writer cos of essays. I became an Essayist.
Dr. Ezperanza Salinas - A great baseball and softball coach.
Madam Araceli Ronquillo - great librarian, cos of her I read tons of books.
Mr. Enrique Guanlao - the sculptor, great teacher in Woodworking. My former teacher in high school.
Mr. Bayani Nicdao - silent but great Graphic Arts teacher.
Mr. Nardo Balajadia - the great Ceramics teacher.
Mr. Juanito Naguiat - the great teacher in Electricity
Mr. Alberto Galang - a great Drawing teacher. I got a midterm grade of 1.0
Dr. Rohel Serrano - nice Physics teacher.
Dr. Jacinto Mercado - good teacher in Intro. to Administration & Supervision.
Dr. Nemensio Tiongson  - great teacher in Land Reform and Taxation
Mr. Leonardo Arceo - great Agriculture teacher.
Mr. Avelino Ferrer - a great Sheet Metal Works teacher.
Mr. Ildefonso Galang - the big boss of off-campus teaching.

(3rd year as Class PRO, 4th year as Class Escort, Shop Foreman in Bench Metal Class)

Post Graduate Era
Master of Arts in Education (MAEd)

Dr. Nemensio Tiongson  - the greatest teacher in Foundation of Education, I got a special award in this class Early Bird Award incentive a free lunch meal. I got final grade of 1.0.
Dr. Benigno Legamia Jr. - world class Research teacher, my teacher in Educational Leadership & Organization and Management of Educational Institution. He gave me two 1.0 final grades.
Atty. Andres David - the professional teacher in Personnel Management. I'm the class Vice-President.
Dr. Enrique Baking - the President of Don Honorio Ventura Technological State University, my great professor in Program/Project Planning and Evaluation.
Dr. Miriam Buenviaje - My former Algebra teacher in college, a great teacher in Statistical Methods Applied to Education.
Atty. Andres David - great teacher in Personnel Management with professionalize humor.
Prof. Anicia Ferrer - Fantastic computer teacher.
Atty. Ramsey E. Ocampo - Man of good governance and discipline. I got a grade of 96 in his class.
Dr. Lourdes Vasquez - powerful, interesting, intriguing and humorist professor that made the class in no yawning mode. Teacher of boldness and truth. The terrific teacher in Current Issues and Problems in Education. I'm her favorite student in class discussions.
Dr. Yolanda E. Crisostomo - Research queen, Always follow up us on how to make hour research.
Dr. Dolores T. Quiambao - The Dean, the mother of all professors, the versatile beautiful woman and dexterity in words and action. The Jackie or Dolly of all trades. Woman of action and good governance.  Her subject is Human Behavior in Education. Luckily I'm her favorite student but she treated her class equally, with innovative and lively modern style.   .

(Class President Organization & Management of Educational Institution, Class Vice President Personnel Management)

Doctor of Education (Ed.D)

Dr. Ronnie Mallari - Seminar: Advanced Administrative Thought Applied to Education; Seminar in Teaching - Learning and Assessment in Education.
Dr. Enrique Baking - Seminar on Theories and application of Organization, Leadership Administration; Seminar in Leading and Managing Educational System; Seminar in Educational Planning.
Dr. Nicolas Capulong - Seminar in Philosophy of Philippine Education.
Dr. Danilo Hilario - Seminar in Legal Problems and Issues in Education.
Dr. Dolores T. Quiambao and Dr. Claridad Abuan - Comparative Educational Leadership Administration.
Dr. Libertad P. Garcia - Seminar in Management Controls of Educational Institution.
Dr. Catalino Rivera - Philippine Culture and Society.
Dr. Roland Nino Agoncillo - Seminar on Advanced Qualitative Research Method; Seminar on Advanced Quantitative Research Method.
Dr. Ethelbert Dapiton - Seminar in Advance Statistics Applied to Education Dr. Reynaldo Nicdao - Seminar on Dissertation Writing
(Class PRO, Group Leader)


Father Lorenzo -  taught and chosen me as one of the great Knight of the Altars.
Sister Lorelai Yujuico - great Sunday School teacher, social dancing, boost my confident.
Sister Amilyn David - a great stage play director.
Brother Elson Canlas - the versatile and great Institute Teacher
My Citizen Army Training (CAT) Officers [notably Miriam, Rizel & Edward].
My Reserve Officers Training Corps (ROTC) Officers.
Elder Hudman - great Career Development and Entrepreneurship teacher.
Elder Sheldon Child - Career Development and Employment.
Madam Nona Angeles - magnificent Alternative Medicine & Massage Therapy teacher.
Sis. Lorena Pangan (Super Model) - Modeling, public service, dealing with difficult students.
Uncle Victor Flores - a great multi - skill person. Jack of all trades.
My four younger brothers - they are skillful. We merged our talents and skills as a team. We built our beautiful house.
Ms. Lee Eun Hye (Jenny) - great and gorgeous Korean Language teacher.
Sis. Gay O. Gregorio - a teacher and friend.
Bro. Chris Canque - a pianist / keyboard teacher.
Bro. Jon Patrick Reyes  (among the Johnny Test Animator on Cartoon Network) - animator trainer.
Kung Fu Master Rey Suyom - Principles of Discipline.
Mr. Richard Miranda - a Grade 7 boy of consistency in cleanliness and orderliness of school rooms and surroundings without being told. (recipient of Kalinisan at Makakalikasan Award from Science Club and Most Industrious Student during Recognition and Graduation 2013-2014)
Madam Remedios Ebanez (Head Teacher III) - great mentor on my debut in public teaching, how to make quality exam.
Madam Dolores Pelayo (Malino High School Principal) - great teacher for my K+12 lesson planning, good example in school cleanliness and orderliness.
Sir Diosdado Amio - greatest interviewer (greatest interview moment for my career, he told me my great potentials in field of teaching)
Mr. Rico Omoyon - the greatest teacher in Bee Keeping.
Mrs. Michelle Villegas - taught us about Google Forms.
Other people who influences me by their example to be a great but simple man.
Holy Scriptures, good books, good magazines, broadsheets, other good reading materials, good TV & radio programs,  good movies, good and informative Internet sites, field trips, natural calamities, man made calamities, accidents, experiences & the nature are my friends & teachers, too. And of course the

Great Great Master Teacher
our teacher yesterday, today and forever

Happy World Teachers' Day to all teachers of CES Seminary and Institute, Global Standard English Language School, Malino High School, Potrero High School, Cabetican Elementary School, DHVTSU, BYU-Hawaii, Dongshin University, Woosuk University, Hanyang University, Jeongju University, Yeungnam University, Catholic University of Busan, Justino Sevilla High School and San Vicente Pilot School for Philippine Craftsmen.

Teachers' Day Poem (October 5, 2012)
( in Tagalog language)

Mahal naming mga Guro,
Maraming SALAMAT po
sa isip at talino 
na ibinabahagi ninyo.

Ma'am & Sir., napakabait po ninyo,
kaya ang nais po namin
ay MAPASAYA kayo.
Sa buong taong ito
KAYO ang aming HERO !

Kayo na ang nagsisilbing 
pangalawang INA'T AMA sa'amin. 
walang kapantay
ang ibibigay namin !

Mahal naming mga GURO 
Hindi man kami PERPEKTO.
Dito sa aming PUSO
nandirito KAYO.


From: Ethel Pangilinan, Glaycie Meneses & G7- Integrity :) Malino High School ♥

Then I became a great teacher according to my students, colleagues, parents with their relatives and neighborhood. I received messages like on letters, gifts, blackboard message "My teacher my hero", "My handsome teacher", My greatest teacher ever" etc. with their hugs and tears of joy. And now most of them (Filipinos, Koreans, Americans and Tongans) are successful locally, internationally and some traveled nearly all the continents in the world. 

My Teaching Experiences:
  1. Childhood Garalgaralan (Bahay-bahayan school version).  I'm the teacher with my your brothers and neighborhood.
  2. Full Time Missionary - Philippines Naga Mission of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints in Bicol Region. (2 years) Awards: Master Teacher, Teacher of Excellence and Celestial Certificate. Position: District Leader (9 months)
  3. In Campus Practice Teaching - LTD DHVCAT (4 1/2 months)
  4. Internship or Off Campus Teaching - Potrero High School (5 months)(all year level)(best demo among the group of student teachers - proclaimed by the head teacher and teachers as they congratulated me.) And I expressed my gratitude to my 3 fellow student teachers for our teamwork. mission accomplished. 
  5. Seminary and Institute Teacher - Church Educational System. (8 years) 
  6. English Teacher - Global Standard Learning Center - {[one on one, small group, big group and online], [Korean different universities (Woosuk University, Catholic University of Busan, Dongshin University, Sohil University, Hanyang University, Jeong Ju University, Woosung University and Yeungnam University) students, middle school, primary Summer & Winter Camp, businessman, journalist, investor and more]} (2008 - 2011)(June - August 2012) Award: Teacher of the Month (February 2009); highest score in Essay category (teachers' examination) Positions: Teachers' Group Leader for University Students, Head Teacher for Winter Camp.
  7. Teacher I (Substitute Teacher) DEPED Potrero High School (June 2011 - March 2012)(First and Second year, 9 sections)(MAPEH and Values Education). Achievement: Teaching Demo using Power Point presentation in representing the Edukasyong Pagpapakatao.
  8. Teacher I (Substitute Teacher) DEPED Malino High School - (August 2012 - March 2013)(all sections of Grade 7 Science and Technology and Livelihood Education TLE [Commercial Cooking and Nail Care])( as coach of School's basketball team). Achievement: as a coach Division of Pampanga Cluster 4 Basketball Boys 3rd Place.  
  9. Teacher I (Newly Public School Teacher) DEPED Justino Sevilla High School - my mother school, Brigada Eskuwela with CAT Officers and collegues. (May 15, 2013 - May 17, 2013)
  10. Teacher I (Technical Vocational Education Teacher) DEPED San Vicente Pilot School for Philippine Craftsmen - (May 18, 2013 - January 7, 2019)[all Grade 7 boys students in Industrial Arts (Electricity, Bench Metal Works), (Grade 8 Furniture Cabinet Finishing FCF), (Grade 7 & 8 Edukasyon sa Pagpapakatao / Values Education)]; (as coach of School's Sepak Takraw team, 2013 PASDAM) Achievement: Intramural Basketball Girl Champion 2014 as Grade 7 Basketball Girls Team Coach,  Sepak Takraw Grade 7 Team Coach, Bronze Medalist 2x, Wellness Dance Competition Champion (teachers' edition)  , Sepak Takraw Girls Champion coach (Cluster 4); 2018 Graduated Master of Arts in Education in DHVTSU. Promoted Teacher III via Equivalent Record Form (ERF) dated January 7, 2019.
  11. Teacher III (Technical Vocational Education Teacher) DEPED San Vicente Pilot School for Philippine Craftsmen - (January 7, 2019 - present) Grade 7 TVE - Exploratory (Masonry and Drafting); TVE - Carpentry 8; Barkada Kontra Droga (BKD) Chapter Adviser.