Maraming Salamat

Gratitude derived from Latin word Gratus mean thanks or thankful. 97% saying gratitude its so good, 3% being forget to state that word. Thank you in diiferent languages.

Thank you in Afrikaans (South Africa)

Dankie (dahn-kee)

Thank you in Arabic (Middle East)

Shukran (shoe-krahn)

Thank you in Cantonese (Southeast Asia – Hong Kong)

Do je (daw-dyeh)

Thank you in Croatian (Europe – Croatia)

Hvala (H-vah-lah)

Thank you in Czech (Central Europe)

Dìkuji (deh-ku-yih)

Thank you in Danish (Europe – Denmark)

Tak (tahg)

Thank you in Estonian (Estonia - Europe)

Aitäh (ie-tehkh)

Thank you in Fijian (Pacific Islands)

Vinaka (Bvi’-nah-kah)

Thank you in Filipino (East Asia – The Philippines)

Salamat (sa-la-mat)

Thank you in Finnish (Europe – Finland)

Kiitos (Keetos)

Thank you in French (Europe-France, Africa, North America, Canada)

Merci (mehr-see)

Thank you in German (Europe – Germany)

Danke (dahn-kah)

Thank you in Greek (Europe - Greece)

Efcharisto (ef-har-rih-stowe)

Thank you in Hawaiian (Pacific Islands – Hawaii)

Mahalo (mah-hah-loh)

Thank you in Hebrew (Western Asia – Israel)

Toda (toh-dah)

Thank you in Hindi (Southern Asia, India)

Shukriya (shoe-kree-a)

Thank you in Indonesian (East Asia – Indonesia)

Terima Kasih (t’ree-ma kas-seh)

Thank you in Italian (Europe – Italy)

Grazie (gra-see)

Thank you in Japanese (East Asia – Japan)

Domo (doe-moe)

Thank you in Korean (East Asia - Korea)

Kamsa hamnida (kam-sa-ham-nee-da)

Thank you in Latin (Ancient Europe)

Gratia (grah-tyah)

Thank you in Lithuanian (Central Europe – Lithuania)

Achiu (Ahchjooh)

Thank you in Mandarin (China and Taiwan)

Xie xie (syeh-syeh)

Thank you in Norwegian (Europe – Norway)

Takk (Dahk)

Thank you in Paraguay (South America)

Aguije (ah-we-JAY)

Thank you in Polish (Central Europe – Poland)

Dziêkujê (Zhe-koo-yay)

Thank you in Portuguese

Obrigado (Ob-ree-gah-doe)

Thank You in Serbian

Hvala (Khvah-lah)

Thank you in Romanian (Asia – Russia)

Mulþumesc (Mool-tsu’-mehsk)

Thank you in Spanish

Gracias (Grah-cee-yas)

Thank you in Swahili (Africa)

Asante (Ah-sahn-teh)

Thank you in Swedish (Europe – Sweden)

Tack (Taak)

Thank you in Thai (Southeast Asia – Thailand)

Khop Khun Krab (kowp-koom krahp-khak)

Thank you in Vietnamese (Southeast Asia – Vietnam)

Ca’m on (Kam ooen)

Thank you in Wolof (West Africa – Senegal, Gambia)

Jerejef (Jay-ray-jayf’)

Thank you in Welsh (Europe – British Isles)

Diolch (Dee-olkh)

Thank you in Yiddish (Europe, North America, New York)

A (shaynem) dank.

Thank you in Zimbabwean (Africa – Zimbab we)

Maita Henyu (Mah-ee’tah Heh’-nyoo)
This translation is courtesy of http://www.thank-you-note-examples-and-tips.com

Avisala eshma 

I did survey from my students about gratitude.

The top big things that are grateful to them:
1. Tree
2. House
3. Church
4. School
5. Kitchen

Top people they like:
1. Their family
2. Mother / Parents
3. Friends
4. Teachers
5. Siblings

Top animals they like:
1. Bird
2. Snake
3. Dog
4. Cat
5. Carabao (Water Buffalo)
6. Fish

Top insect
1. Butterfly
2. Ant
3. Bee

Top small things
1. Heart
2. Flag
3. Pencil / Pen
4. Broom
5. Medal
6. Candle
7. Mirror
8. Rosary / Cross
9. Stone / Rock
10. Doll

Top electronic gadgets
1. TV
2. Cellular Phone
3. Computer
4. Radio
5. Light bulb

Among the 250 plus students from Potrero High School (II-Diamond, II-Pearl, II-Amethyst, II-Sapphire, II-Emerald and II-Garnet). I do express my gratitude to them for their kindness unto me. Maraming salamat sa inyong lahat. My students give thanks to all of the stuffs they've joted down on a piece of paper that are useful to them (written above). And these are my top 10 things that I like are:
1. Tree
2. Butterfly
3. Eagle
4. House
5. Church
6. School
7. Scriptures
8. Good Books
9. Candle



DHVTSU at 150

Bacolor (Balen Baculud) is home to the oldest vocational school in the Far East, the Escuela de Artes y Oficios de Bacolor, which was established on November 4, 1861 by Fr. Juan P. Zita. The school has been renamed six times since: Bacolor Trade School in 1905, Pampanga Trade School in 1909, Pampanga School of Arts and Trades (PSAT) in 1957, Don Honorio Ventura Memorial School of Arts and Trades (DHVMSAT) in 1964, Don Honorio Ventura College of Arts and Trades in 1978. On February 2010, it became the first State University in Pampanga, Don Honorio Ventura Technical State University (DHVTSU).

This year celebrated its 150 years of existence. Some prominent and successful people in the Philippines mostly in Central Luzon studied in this school, that produces heroes like OFWs, engineers, educators, architects, artists, sportsmen, politicians, businesspersons, IT experts, technicians, beauticians, policemen, ship crews, government employees, employees in private sectors and good Samaritans. I love DHVTSU!