I love sports, Nowadays events are NBA 2010 Finals and FIFA World Cup fever 2010. When I was a little boy I did played Filipino Games like Luksong Tinik, Patintero, Tago-taguhan, Piku and Siyato. I joined parlor games in Barrio Fiestas, Parties in reunion, New Year's Eve and Christmas Party in School and Church. I won a boxing match in just ten seconds when I was 8 years of age and I won a prize. I started playing basketball when I was 12. I got lots of runner-ups and three championship one as coach and the two as player. Longest game in basketball, my last championship game with shoulder injury and as underdog we lost the game to the host and powerhouse by one point in a thrilling double overtime game. I won Sportsmanship Award in a basketball tournament. I'm excellent in streetball. While softball I remembered playing with my classmates using a bamboo rod and a tennis ball at 4th grade. When I was 23 I joined intramural games in our school in DHVCAT. I won gold medal in baseball and silver medal in softball. I learned Arnis the Philippine National Martial Arts basically before I shifted to school's drum and lyre band. Learned some basic Kung Fu from a master. In volleyball I played just in a semi-final game as an import and I scored a lot to wrapped up the game and the team trip to the finals. Then I heard that team I joined finish 2nd place. In athletics Mini Olympics, I'm got silver in 400m dash, shot put and javelin throw. While gold in long jump, discuss throw and hammer throw. I pocketed bronze medal in badminton. Have a good games at double table tennis, lawn tennis, beach volleyball, archery, wrestling billiards, pool, 9-balls and 8-balls. I finished 2nd in pull-rod wrestling, bowling, checker board game, speed hockey and badminton. I won a first place in dart games competition. Our team won in sepak takraw and I scored a convincing kick. In soccer I have 5 goals in 7 - 14 loss. I scored a touch down in an American football game  with Americans, New Zealander and Samoan. I finished 5th in Fun Run despite suffering from stomachache. I played wonderful and funny table tennis games. I learned golf with the Korean. I love biking long distance, mountain biking, walking long distances and orienteering. I love board games like chess, checker, sungka, game of the generals, tic tac toe, snake & ladder, scrabble and pick up sticks. We won the water polo game. 2nd place in water sports and amazing race. 3rd place in obstacle course. I have experienced in canoeing, mountain climbing and mud skiing with rubber slippers. I love sporting for the benefits of my mind, body and self-esteem. As of August 31, 2014 I got gold in basketball girls Grade 7 SVPSPC Games 2014 as coach, bronze medal in Sepak Takraw G-7 SVPSPC Games 2013 as coach and bronze medal Pampanga Cluster 4 basketball boys Malino High School team as coach.