Types of Electromagnetic Waves

Discovery of Fire

Electromagnetic Spectrum 


Types of Electromagnetic Waves

Discovery of Fire

Invention of Fire

Birth of the Solar System

Family and Technology



Jose Mari Chan Christmas Collection

Jose Mari Chan Christmas Collection

Light, Sound and Waves

These shows are similitude of our light show Science field trip in SM Pampanga 12/15/2012. 8:30-10:30am.
Note: Grade 7 (3rd quarter) lecture notes found at the bottom of this blog post. 

Science of Light

Light Show

Shadow Show

Amazing Laser Show

Laser Harp

Black Light Show

Science of Sound

Definition of terms:

Sound - a form of energy created by vibrationg objects.
Solids are best transmetters of sounds.
Frequency - is the number of vibration per seconds which the ear receives.
Intensity - is the rate at which the sound energy moves through a unit area to determine the pitch of sound.
Pitch - refers to the highness or lowness of tone.

Sound is produced by vibration with fundamental propeties such as frequency & intensity in a medium such as solid, liquid & gas

Light is a form of energy. It travels in a straight line. It has speed of approximately 3.0 x 108 m/s. It separates into differet colors known as spectrum. Rainbow is the spectrum of sunlight. It is disperse in different color such as red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet
Light rays are regularly reflected by smooth shiny surfaces and are irregularly reflected by rough surfaces. It is refracted when they pass at an angle from one medium to another.  


Aso ni Vicente

One of the most inspiring dog I ever saw displaying the true essence of principles of obedience. This awesome dog (Matthew) was taught by his master named Roberto Vicente (church gardener). He instructed and commanded his dog not to enter the clean and beautiful chapel (The House of the Lord) of The Church of JESUS CHRIST OF Latter Day Saints in Bulaon, City of San Fernando, Philippines. Even though it is a dog only, it expressed the keeping the commandment from his loving master. What a great example among those of some people who throw their garbage elsewhere or crossing the prohibited highways and do trespassing in private places without permission from owners. I love the living example of this little inspiring dog.

Matthew the obedience dog arrived.

Stops at the line...

 Met me... stocked at the line... 

Even being tempted, still not entering...

As time gone Matthew leaved. (I learned to be more obedient)

That's the small but inspiring story of "Aso ni Vicente" (The Dog of Vicente). The example of virtue of obedience. Thanks!

The Church of
Latter Day Saints Chapel
(Bulaon, City of San Fernando, Pampanga)

[The House of the Lord]

Other good animals in action...



Asexual Reproduction

Asexual Reproduction in Plants

Sexual and Asexual Reproduction of Plants

Vegetative Reproduction (Asexual)

Sexual Reproduction in Plants

Asexual and Sexual Reproduction in Plants


Korean Drama Love Song Collection

Reason Autumn of My Heart

 My Memory Winter Sonata 

Only You Winter Sonata

From the Beginning till Now Winter Sonata

Winter Sonata Soundtrack 

Bogoshipda Stairway to Heaven

Bogoshipda Classical Guitar

I Believe My Sassy Girl

Autumn Tale, Winter Sonata, Summer Scent
Jewel in the Palace and Jumong


Sad Song Collection

Sad Violin 

Sad Music piano

Sad Music violin and piano

Saddest Music


Winter Sonata - Only You

Winter Sonata - My Memory

Sad Song a girl and instrumental


NBA top 10 2011-12

Miami Heats

 Oklahoma City Thunder

Utah Jazz

Philadelphia 76rs

San Antonio Spurs

Boston Celtics

New York Knicks

LA Lakers

Atlanta Hawks

Memphis Grizzlies

Chicago Bulls

Indiana Pacers

LA Clippers

Denver Nuggets

Dallas Mavericks

Minnesota Timberwolves

Brooklyn Nets

 Houston Rockets

Golden State Warriors

Toronto Raptors

Milwaukee Bucks 

Washington Wizards

Portland Trailblazers 

Sacramento Kings

Orlando Magic

Cleveland Cavaliers 

Detroit Pistons

Charlotte Hornets

   Phoenix Suns


Gangnam Style

Oppa Gangnam Style is now world's trending dance craze. My Korean friends said, it is a horse dance. 오빤 강남 스타일 (in Korean language) a K-pop single by the South Korean rapper PSY. Released this single last July 15, 2012. Now goes viral with nearly 200 millions of viewers in Youtube. By couple of months more will be reaching 300 million hits.

Girl Version

Gangnam Style PSY feat Hyuna

Gangnam Style Around the World

Gangnam Dance Collection


Plant Cell and Animal Cell

Biology Class

(Malino High School G-7  Science 2012-2013)

The Cell Song Collection

This is a great country song style for cells

 Awesome songs for cells

Lyrics and explanation song for cells

Cellular State of Mind (Empire State of Mind) Jay-Z style

Cutie Rap for Living Cells

Cell Structures

How to use the Microscope

Parts of the Microscope Song

Technology & Livelihood Education
Commercial Cooking

Sample Basic Kitchen Tools

The next two videos consist of kitchen hand tools that are quite advance
and Chef oriented styles of tools
Kitchen Hand Tools part 1

Kitchen Hand Tools part 2



Jeepney being quoted as "Hari ng Kalsada (King of the Road)" Also know as the Philippine primary buses main transport vehicle in the Philippines. Most all Purpose vehicle in the country.

Model Girl: Bella

Jeepney Souvinir Items

Disco Type Jeepney

Bamboo and Sawali Jeepney

Toyota Engine XLT Type Jeepney by guagua.olx.com.ph

XLT Passenger Jeepney by noelizm.blogspot.com

Colorful Jeepney

Jeepney (France)

Sea Transport of Jeepney

Jeepney Overload by filipinolifepicture.wordpress.com

David Archuleta in Philippines courtesy of SnowAngelzz.com

Ube colored jeepney by Sulit.com

Brightest Jeepney with numerous fog lights

Decorative Artistic Jeepney

E-Jeepney by www.missphilippinesearth.com

Small E-Jeepney (E-Tricycle). E-jeep are eco-friendly (air pollution - free) 

  Wi Fi Jeep in Angeles City

How to ride jeepney?

Transformer Autobot Jeepney


Save the Smokers

I do respect people who smoke. Just to give them warning for their better health. Here are some anti-smoking campaign around the world. Thank you!

 3- best anti smoking ads