Superfood Philippines

There are lots of Super Foods that are available in the market or in our home gardening backyard. They contains vitamins A, B-Complex, C, D and K.And also dietary minerals such as Calcium, Iron, Potassium, Magnesium, Zinc and so on. They contains antioxidant and phytochemicals that prevents cancer.Antioxidants are natural chemicals which prevent oxidation inside your body. Oxidation is a process which damages cells when they react with oxygen. This damage including premature aging, degenerative diseases and some cancers. Antioxidants absorb or stop the oxygen from damaging cells and in theory reduce the risk of any conditions related to that damage. A common antioxidant you are probably aware of is vitamin C (otherwise known as ascorbic acid). While Phytochemicals are natural chemical compounds found in plants and animals, but which are not essential for human life. Essential vitamins and minerals are proven to be required by our bodies for us to survive, whereas we're only just beginning to understand the uses and benefits of phytochemicals. Lots of the amazing anti-cancer and anti-heart disease effects of super foods are linked to various phytochemicals.

Some of the best super foods are available in the Philippines like:
Moringa / Malungay, Avocado / Alligator pear, Chesa, Saluyot, Sweet potatoes, Kangkong / Swamp cabbage, Tomatoes, Broccoli, Hot pepper, Honey, Virgin coconut oil, Dark chocolate, Spinach, Okra, Soy, Sprouts, Wild Salmons, Eggs, Garlic, Onions, Radishes, Carrot, Dragon Fruit, other Green leafy vegetables and citrus fruits.
Other super foods found in other parts of the world like Acai, Gogi berries, Extra virgin olive oil, Walnut, Yogurt, Korean Kimchi, Barley, Kiwis, Quinoa, Berries, Almond and among other fruits, vegetables, foods and drinks. 

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Mormon Helping Hands Bulaon Branch / Ward

Jubilee Community Service Program (CSP) of Bulaon Branch / Angeles Philippines Stake with service man-hours of 5,336 within 134 events in four years (January 10, 2008 - May 26, 2011). The Latter Day Saints Volunteers / Mormon Helping Hands spearheaded by Pres. Marbella, Bradpete and Mang Sidro of the Branch Presidency with auxiliary leaders and full-time missionaries. In the span of for years we did cleaning vacant lots and planted vegetables (chillies, sigarilyas, cassava, moringa known as malungay, okra, tomatoes, ube, oregano, spinach, talelung, ampalaya, sweet potatoes, pechay, patola, etc.), and in harvest time we shared it to the members and needy people. We also cleaned streets, roads, parks, children parks, sports gyms, multi-purpose gyms, hospital grounds, schools, pre-schools, drainage system, houses, residential lots, gardens, flower boxes, etc. We repaired chairs, bicycles, tri-wheelers, houses, roofs, etc. We painted barangay hall's benches, check-point barrier,  flower boxes, street gutters, garbage-stands for segregation (nabubulok & di-nabubulok), tri-wheeler, rusty drainage holes' screens, etc.We donated clothes, shoes, slippers, bags, second-hand lumber/wood, cabinets, wafer, snacks & toys to the needy families and Aeta's community. Removed stagnant waters to prevent Dengue mosquitoes. We did Bayanihan Lipat Bahay (helping families in residential transfer). Collected water and firewood; donated used big cartons & boxes use as bedsheets, donated used papers to start up in cooking (using firewood); shared cassava, vegetables, rice, bread, and canned goods to the indigent families. We are volunteer mailman/postman, too. And luckily we delivered the two important documents like cheques/checks that are 2 months late and the old woman is very grateful and expressed her gratitude. Some are upset 'cos the mails are late but smiles & expressed their thanks for our volunteerism.. Assisted senior citizen, afflicted person and animals. Watered the dried and endangered small trees and plants. Saved animals like turtle, rat snakes and beneficial spiders & insects back to their habitat. Educated children not to destroys plants and kills animals just for fun. Trimmed trees to prepare for rainy and stormy season. Assisted women in the midst of flood in San Fernando (Ondoy era). Assisted women, older person and children with heavy luggage, boxes and bags. Assisted in harvesting fruits (red & yellow cashews, guava, camias & moringa pods), planting trees, shrubs & flowers in riverbanks. Saved plants from garbage and planted in vacant lots & riverbanks. Pushed car & jeep that ran out of gas & battery power, pushed broken tri-wheelers & scavengers' cart in long distance and pushed two tri-wheelers crossing the river. They gave big smiles and expressed their gratitude. Doing volunteerism in the midst of storm to removed clog (plastics & dried leaves) from drainage holes' screens to avoid street floods, removed fallen branches the blocked the main roads & streets, made water passage, used buckets & dustpan to save stores from flooding.  Mr. Yang Hyeon Gyu (Mr. Nice Guy) of Catholic University of Busan & me played basketball with street-children and we fed them. Watered unpaved dusty roads specially during Christmas and New Year. Played games with street children and do Family Home Evening with them. Shared the Emergency Preparedness 72-Hour Kit.

We made the people happy. Grandmothers said, "I want my grandchildren to be benevolent like them. Mothers' said, "I want my kids to be handsome and pretty like these persons". Men said, "You're doing great!" Most people put there smiles on us. A mother of Catholic priest said, "I'm happy 'cos there are still kind person like you". When we do good we feel good. We expressed our gratitude for the barangay, homeowners associations, schools, government and community officials and friendly neighborhood who hallowed us in doing this wonderful service to fellow beings and unto the nature.

We thanks the volunteers namely late Apung Bernabe Mercado, Apung Inocencia "Ising" and family, Isidro Puno Sr., Rosalina Puno & family, Mary Carreon & family, Jeaniviv Teopengco & family, Romeo Atayde, Elsa Atayde & family, Pamela Dimacali & siblings, Rey Cruz, Catalina Cruz & family, Evelyn Sanchez & family, Wilma Tayag & family, Maryann Abad & family, Ruth Carreon, Mary Nicole Carreon, Cristine Carreon, Digna de Guzman & family, Medlyn Villanueva & family, Rivera Family,  Lilia Cuyos & Segovia families. Mae Suyom, Ellaine Sarah Cuellar, Ramboo & friends of San Rafael Mexico, Pres. Pabs & Karyl Marbella & family, Aileen David and volunteers from Saudi & Iraq Sitio Bulaon. Aurora Pasion & grandchildren, Tirso Pamande & family, Carmen Rodulfa & family, Noel Allam Soriano & family of Isabela, Karen Lopez of Mexico, Virginia Pingul, Jackielou Bungay, April Love Bansil, Francis Torres, Angelo Yap, Mercy, Teresa Tibor & Jarnel Ebres of Bicol, Lola Teresita Cruz, Val Soriano, Frietcher Puno, Arvin Castillo & Wilmay Castillo, late Felix Matic Sr., Ernesto Garung & grandchildren, Fernando Formentera Sr. & Family, Rolly Casquio & family, Maryann Alurmo, Angelica Alurmo a.k.a. Dora & Jerick Alurmo a.k.a. Diego & family. Daryl Jake Esmeria & family, Marieta Yambao & family for sharing buckets; Joan Salayug & her little sister; Julian Espiritu & her family, Yolly Dela Rosa & family for borrowing pail. (And we thank also Pres. R. C. Suyom, Sister Suyom, Sister Palo, Dit, Reylord and among others who did CSP in early 2000. Tagorda Family, Pres. Reynold & Bro. Teopengco in mid - 2000 for their wonderful support in our early days doing National Day of Services).Transportation primarily walking; bicycles of Bradpete, Isidro Sr., May Puno, Teopengco Family (4), Aurora, Atayde, Bansil-Sanchez-Torres (3), Tayag & Garung; Sidecars of Tayag & Soriano; Tri-wheeler of Puno (drivers-Bradpete & Tang Zid), Val, Atayde; Tricycles of Pamande, Segovia & Lopez; Owner-type Jeep ni Back (driver Bradpete); car of Pres. Pabs, XLT Jeep of Shaws. Thank a lot (Maraming Salamat).

Full-Time Missionaries who supported the project namely Sister Otumaka, Sister Fonua, Sister Igcas, Sister Lagan, Sister Lopez, Elder Lucillo, Elder Aparri, Elder Baranta, Elder Villegas, Elder Matthew Vaughn, Sister Bunayog, Sister Caminong, Sister Roque, Sister Gorgonio, Sister Brunson, Elder Magsino, Elder Whitehead, Elder Antioquia, Elder Burog and Elder Andrus. And we always remember the big helped of the Angeles Zone led by E. Magsino, some wave led by Elder Abao, the last visitation of Sister Gorgonio with Sister Briggs, Sister Mains and bunch of Elders & Sisters. We also thank Sister Vanwagoner's two days missionary work in Bulaon.

National Day of Service last 23th of April 2011 (beautify Bulaon Barangay Hall).

The stats in 4 years Jubilee Community Service Projects.
Total Man-Hours - 5,336

Angeles Philippines Stake Jubilee Presentation

It's so great event and miraculously with divine intervention. "Cos they said that day its rain cats and dogs in the area of Pampanga. People said "Its raining in Angeles City, City of San Fernando, Mexico, Bacolor and Mabalacat but there is no rain here". But in this venue before the start of the big event strong winds and some droplets for a minute but people prayed and the Lord drove away the dark clouds. The people enjoyed the awesome event at basketball court of The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter Day Saints in Essel Park, Telabastagan, City of San Fernando, Pampanga. Its a miracle and wonderful cultural show of singing and dancing (Kapampangan folk songs & cultural dances). (05/14/2011) Let's preserve Kapampangan Culture.

 Opening and Philippine National Anthem.

The dark clouds of rain drove away.

Kapampangan Cultural Folk Songs & Church Hymns.

Sinukuan Dance (Pampanga Folk Dance)

Sinukuan Dance performed by: Bulaon Branch, San Fernando 1st & 2nd Ward and Sto. Tomas Branch.

  Itik - Itik (Folk Dance)

  Banga performed by: Pandan Ward, Balibago Ward, Angeles Ward & Arayat Branch

 Banga Princess (Pandan)


Ortelanu performed by: Mabalacat Ward, Dau Branch & Sta. Lucia Branch

Dancing Lights

The Beautiful Sky during the Angeles Philippines Stake Jubilee Presentation


Ortelanung Mais