Jeepney being quoted as "Hari ng Kalsada (King of the Road)" Also know as the Philippine primary buses main transport vehicle in the Philippines. Most all Purpose vehicle in the country.

Model Girl: Bella

Jeepney Souvinir Items

Disco Type Jeepney

Bamboo and Sawali Jeepney

Toyota Engine XLT Type Jeepney by guagua.olx.com.ph

XLT Passenger Jeepney by noelizm.blogspot.com

Colorful Jeepney

Jeepney (France)

Sea Transport of Jeepney

Jeepney Overload by filipinolifepicture.wordpress.com

David Archuleta in Philippines courtesy of SnowAngelzz.com

Ube colored jeepney by Sulit.com

Brightest Jeepney with numerous fog lights

Decorative Artistic Jeepney

E-Jeepney by www.missphilippinesearth.com

Small E-Jeepney (E-Tricycle). E-jeep are eco-friendly (air pollution - free) 

  Wi Fi Jeep in Angeles City

How to ride jeepney?

Transformer Autobot Jeepney


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