Barbie looks

She's known as "The Living Barbie" the 21 year old Ukrainian model Valeria Lukyanova.

Now one of the most popular model in Russia.

Singing Doll Lukyanova

Another couple of teen living dolls - 15 year old Venus Palermo (Venus Angelic) & 16 year old Dakota Rose (Dakotakoti). Dakotakoti

Human dolls around the World or Living Barbie across the Globe.

Therese Fernandez

1. Alodia Gosiengfiao - Filipina
2. Huan Mei - American
3. Nekon Nyappii - German
4. Wang Jia Yun - Chinese
5. Valeria Lukyanova - Russian
6. Bai Fern - Thai / Thailander
7. Therese Fernandez - Kapampangan/Filipina

How to look like a doll (make up) ?

By: Venus Palermo "Venus Angelic"

Photos courtesy of Yahoo OMG

Photos of Living Barbie / Miss Valeria Lukyanova

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The Beauty of God's Works

The Beautiful Mountains and trees
That brings me happiness and peaces
Some are small and some are tall
That helps me to stand tall
The sound of rushing water
Makes my feelings better
That shows me to be strong
And don't do things wrong
The road rally road
Which is not broad?
Helps me to follow the track
And avoid being distract
The change of color of clouds
Makes me proud
That says me to be flexible
And to be more humble
The birds that fly
Freely in the sky
seeking and standing for freedom
Helps me to live in the Father's kingdom

by: Romnick Noche Magsino  

Photo above: Rice Terraces / Stairway to Heaven in Mountain Province, Philippines
Next photo: Antik - Philippine Big Red Ants in teamwork mode.
[Save our Mother Nature]


With Great Love, I was Made a Man

I was afraid to be alone
I didn't have any idea what the world was
I had never been alone
But I wanted to stand on my own

I know I have my family
But the time will come; I will be on my own
And will leave my family
But, why?

He knows that we will face great challenges,
Trials, and difficulties in our life.
We will have mistakes and successes
Feel sad and glad

Through trials and hardships
I am never be alone, I feel His love
He never left me, He strengthens and
assists me to see His great plan.

A time comes, I choose to serve Him
I need to leave everything
Leave my friends and even forget myself
Not knowing what will happen

I know only thing that he has a plan for me
He gave His Son with a great Love and sacrifice
To show me the path to live by myself
He has a perfect plan to assist us to live with Him

His plan is not a plan to be alone
But a plan to live with self reliance
Living with great teaching of Love
And independence to work out my salvation

And now, I leaved the mission
I feel sad and glad
But it is different this time.
I never be alone but,

Now I can answer why
Everything was made out of Love
He teaches me this;
With a great Love, I was made a man.  

by: Romnick Noche Magsino