50 Greatest Moves

In random order:

1. First Magical shot - Backward shot off the board and swished to the hoop. (against Gori look a-like)
2. Two winning super-baby hook shot. (weapon against taller players I did in my high school Physical Education Game)
3. Bradpete-Jordan's double-cross shot.(highlights favorite move I done it in our our crucial pivotal turning point of the game in last minute of the game)
4. Four straight no-look backward 15feet-shots. (w/ American, Filipino missionaries & few spectator amazed in the unbelievable shots)
5. No-look in their face combination Jordan's double-cross & hook shot off the glass & all net to the hoof. (vs. great player name Morton)
6. The 360-degree high arcing shot off the top of the glass and swishing. (against great top shooter and he said, how did you do that?)
7. Survive triple-team L.O.V.E. Rukawa-Sendoh alike 3-pt.play slashing lay up.(vs. 3 big men)
8. Playing hurt w/ ankle injury sustained in 2nd quarter via fast break play. I made the basket successfully but collided and sandwich by couple of players chasing me till in the mid air, then my body in twisting motion landed my right foot twisted carrying the whole weight of my body. I suffered ankle sprain. During the mid of 4th quarter down by four breaking the defense of double-team Sendoh-alike move or like bowling or marble shot of the glass.(the turning-point to win the game, boasting the moral of my team then they spark, I played 40 minutes or the entire game in injury never-say-die attitude. The next day I can't walked 2nd-3rd day it's so hard to walked in 7th day I can run and play but not 100%)
9. No-look reverse lay-up.(vs. 3 KSA defense)
10.Bradpete Time like Miller-Time/Mitsui-alike 4-straight 3 points swishing beyond 1-meter from the 3-pt arc to spread out the lead.(3-points highlights everybody amazed)
11.Superman shot.(45 degree in the air vs. a big 6-footer, and vs. double-team even if suffering with back injury)
12.High-arcing shots.(like balloon in the air fly high then down to the rim vs. big men)
13.Two straight balloon or high arcing- 3pts. and 2 sharp 3pts. shots.(as 3pts. expert)
14.Sky hoop in the 3pt. arc. (I did two straight hook shots in three point territory)
15.No-look reverse or backward 3pts. shot. (vs Filipino Street ball player, vs. Korean University Students)
16.Mid-court shots. (many times, 2-straight 2x)
17.Farthest shot. (at free-throw-line of the other goal or so called full court shot)
18.The One-Handed Orthodox shot. (Mark Caguioa or Iverson move)
19.Behind the board jump shot. (many times as one of my entertaining moves, Larry Bird similarity)
20.Behind the board lay up. (many times to surprised spectators & opponents)
21.Body & finger roll shot. (Like-Street Fighter Ryo & Ken Oreoken uppercut punch but lay-up to trick defenders and entertain the crowd)
22.Perfect 100% field goal games. [3x] (8 out of 8), (6 out of 6) and (2 of 2)
23.Double hand lay up (many times). Razz
24.The bounce-shot. Shocked
25.The Tomahawk Dunk in Streetball. (many times) Shocked
26.15feet Super-lay up. (surprised the defense of big men)
27.Bonus Point. (a flashy opponent guard I guarded, before he cross the mid-center court line. I let him took a lay up on our goal cos he was in the state of confusion, everybody laughing out loud while I pretended play defense on him and he made a successful lay up on our goal. I'm the nearest player in our goal I get the added bonus two point to my stats)
28.Steal and Lay-up.(Off the inbound play)
29.Catch and Shoot. (the 1-second shot/my fastest shot)
30.Super Running Hook shots. (vs.Inter-barangay player, vs Varsity Players)
31.Coast to Coast lay up. (One man show when my teammates said go ahead and when I feel it)
32.Fastbreak Finisher via assist fed by any of my teammates. (many times)
33.Under-goal put back.(many times)
34.Good bounce and Goal in. Very Happy (many times)
35.Double knock- out shot. (jump shot high loop down the basket all net through the opponent's head, pog!)
36.The winning back to back lay up. (vs. Riversiders)
37.Head and Shoulder fake and drive to the basket. (many times)
38.The Cross-over. Shocked
39.The highest throw and goal in. Laughing
40.Side-steps move. (many times)
41.Turn-around jumper. (vs. Big man)
42.Pump fake & Shot. (many times)
43.Fade the Way Shot.(graceful shot)
44.Tap board lay up. (for sound effect only)
45.Alley hoop lay up. (Skyhigh), (many times)
46.Block and Shoot. (I block and the ball straight to the hoop opponent's score)
47.Mid-court alley hoop turn long shoot.(The 6-foot guy is on the under-goal anticipate the alley-hoop play, then I felt I make it strong to make a long shot via baseball pass. The ball hit the rim then goes up high then the gravity put it down swishing to the hoop. One of the player said, "Did you see that?")
48.Follow-up shot. (many times)
49.Long throw and goal in Laughing (many times)
50.Rebound, dribbling the ball in fast break play as I step on the 3pt. arc I jump as high to make a drop pass but I turn my head and the ball twice and instead I saw opposing teams on defense, before I landed to the floor I saw the rim and throw the ball and goal in. (The longest stay in the air everyone amazed even me, "what kind of move is that!" my friend said. Like Dr. J, Jordan & Carter in the air) {Unbelievable !!!} (Divine intervention cos I play fairly)
Other Bradpete's Moves:


1. Lay-up in three point area and in mid-court line (many times with Koreans)
2. Back pass to the left for assist play but off the board and goal in (while teaching my Korean room mate how to play basketball).
3. Made a swished shot behind the back post of the goal (many times) (unbelievable)
4. Made a three pointer while being covered by two giant Korean. (even I can't saw the goal that I fell where it was, practice makes perfect)
5. Along the three point line in the corner. I walked and till the rim is totally covered by the goal young men anticipated my attempt. Then I did and high arcing shot the I saw the ball swishing the net soundly load "Swak!" Yeah!!! and laughter. (Unbelievable)
6. Behind the board I threw the ball in spinning motion then bounced to the floor in effect towards the hoop and in. (Unbelievable)
7. In dying minutes the vs the powerhouse and perennial champs. They made rally and threaten us they have so tight defenses but I waiting to the corner side of the court and asking the ball then finally passed to me. Then, I launches the 3 - point bomb and pops. (winning moment)
8. Bank shot 3-pointer vs NCAA USA.
9. Save the ball behind the board by pushed high up to the hoop. (unbelievable) (3x)
10. Shoot out game. Backward free throw and mid-court shot. (unbelievable with all Koreans)
11. Switching right to the left bending lay-up vs MVP player (2x)
12. Zigzagging vs 4 Koreans.
13. Double-cross vs defenders then the ball bounces many times before going in to the hoop.
14. Game winner stop and pop swishing to the basket
15. Similar to Dr. J deep under-goal lay-up .
In your face lay-up pump before I landed to the floor, I released and bank shot to the hole. (Amazing move)
17. Slashing Tomahawk Dunk vs two defenders in mini-full-court streetball in Bicol.

18. Three straight backward free throw shots with Koreans (Unbelievable Fun)
19. Mid-court backward shot bounce in free throw line, then good bounces in the rim and board
before goal in.
(Unbelievable Fun)
20. NBA comparison to my play = Jordan, Magic, Bird, Kobe, Lebron James & Jabar in offensive play; Jayson Williams in passing the leather; Yao Ming in blocking the ball (But I thing it's like Andrei Kirilengko). Dwyane Wade "D-Wade" in no look shots unbelievable lay-up. My personal analysis I played also like Earl "The Pearl" Monroe or "Black Jesus", Rick Barry and Pete "Pistol Pete" Maravich for their amazing moves in the hoops. PBA (Philippine Basketball Association) comparative to Samboy Lim "the Skywalker", Allan "the Triggerman" Caidic are Asian Finest in 1986 & 1990. Vergel "the Areal Voyager" Meneses & Mark "the Spark" Caguioa. I'm happy cos before I'm just a 2nd grade streetballer. Now they compared me with the greats & legends of basketball. Koreans calls me "Freestyle". And my last game with Woosuk University students in a streetball game, I made 20 points with my Filipino youth brethren and we won in score of 50 - 47. Koreans are tall and strong rebounders. Always played great basic basketball. Our only edge, basketball is no.1 ball game in Philippines and most watch than any other sports and our passion. Even nowadays some mens passion are computer games & billiards. There are many leagues here like Professional ushered by 2nd oldest pro-league PBA, Liga Philipinas from merge leagues, and the newest Asean Basketball League (ABL) inter-Asean countries with 2 international imports & 1 to 3 Filipinos imports the rest are locals line-up except RP Patriots team, semi-pro PBL. Two famous University - College basketball in the land the UAAP & NCAA. And two more university - college hoop leagues. And local amatures like inter-towns, inter-barangay & the inter-colors. The smallest is 3 on 3 streetball leagues. I saw also played tune ups in mini-full court basketball in some parts of Albay & Angeles City. Some times I dunk on these 9 ft. rims, the Tomahawk Dunk. If you visit my country there are lots of basketball court from covered like coliseums, semi-covered courts, open courts, sreetballs in semi-busy streets & under the big trees. The smallest basketball goal is like the size of softball circumference and the ball is green tennis ball used by 7-12 years old in late 80s and early 90s. Usually under the trees like mango & coconut.

1. Box out - (positioning)
2. Timing
3. High up
4. Two-handed clamp rebound in crowded paint area against same height and below.
5. One-handed sickle rebound in crowded paint area against 6-footers.

1. Overhead no-look pass.
2. Magic bounce pass, spinning bounce pass.
3. Jason Williams-a-like wing pass.
4. Fancy pass.
5. Bullet pass.
6. Unselfish ice-drop pass.
7. Fake jump shot - pass.
8. No - look pass (game winner assist)
9. Backward overhead pass.
10. Perfect baseball pass in fastbreak.
11. Bowling pass.
12. Back pass to the left.

1. The Swiper.(Sultanate of Swipe vs. point guards & dribblers)
2. The Mister Fantastic hand.(against mid-range pass)
3. Superman High-up in the air.(Man of Steal against fast break)
4. Operation Hijack (Stole the ball from the back against best point guards)
5. Two handed blocked and stole the ball in the mid air.
6. No-look steals (pretending looking partially to the opposite side while anticipate, feel and partially watch passer facial & eyes movement. When he pass even it is bullet pass my arms quickly swipe the leather) (many times)
7. Radar hands in swiping and blocking.

1. Timing
2. Tap board/pakat
3. 2-handed umbrella
4. Inspected like AK47 Kirlenko's block against jump shots (long arms)
5. High reach middle finger block

6. Blocking interbarangay players, varsity players, international players, MVP players.
7. Blocking Americans, Koreans & Tongans in tune up games.
8. No-look blocks (surprised offensive slashers)
9. I blocked a guy but he took away my right hand using is left hand but instinctively my left
blocked him, the players and spectators are laughing.
10. A guy zigzagging and fake me in mid-air but my radar hand followed and blocked him. Yeah!
11. I follow my feeling when I block even great big point guard, super power forward and slasher
experts. I thank the Supreme Being for my long arms.


1. Box 1 (Shut down a power forward scorer in 4th quarter. 6-foot forward)
2. Averaging 2 blocks/game.
3. Guarded left wing in zone defense.
4. Little Giant as a shooting guard in offense/center in defense.
5. Timely got the boards/ right place at the right time for rebound.
6. Timely swiping (steals).
7. Intimidate the ball handler.

2016 LDS Basketball League

Season high: 42 points
6 of 7 three pointer: 85.7%
5 of 5 in 2nd half: 100%

Best scoring average:

2 straight games: 35 ppg.
3 straight games: 27.3 ppg.
4 straight games: 25.5 ppg.
5 straight games: 20.8 ppg.
6 straight games: 18.5 ppg.
7 straight games: 17.7 ppg.


Most Entertaining Player (M.E.P.)


Acknowledge Best Player of the Game despite member of the losing team against the season eventual champion team in last elimination game.