Ginebra Anejo Gordon Highlights Never Say Die

The Barangay Ginebra owned the best playoff run in PBA from 2003 All Filipino Cup up to current conference Commissioner's Cup 2015. Thirty (30) conferences in 12 seasons. But only managed four titles in that span in seven finals appearances. But the never say die spirit is still there. Fans chanting "Ginebra, Ginebra, Ginebra...". Their overall titles from 1979 was eight plus 1 (PBA-IBA World Challenge Cup champion in 1988). 


Honesty Store

I'd learned business venture on SRC (Self-Reliance Center). Starting and growing my business along with My Foundation : principles, skills and habits. Self-reliance. I put up a honesty store inside my classroom where kids can buy affordable chocolate peanut bars and chocolate gold and silver coins. They paid and got their change by their own. Students learned self-reliance, honesty and integrity.