Olympic Games

Photo by: Mark J. Terrill

The London Opening Ceremony it was really fantastic, specially the lighting of cauldron. The parade of nations was indeed wonderful from there you will feel the spirit of Olympics. It was all amazing opening ceremony but there was a top story about the opening.

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The mystery of the Indian intruder at the Opening Ceremony. How can she got there? Now China and the United states are battling for supremacy. 

Courtesy of Stefan Wermuth

Maria Sharapova dominated the opening of the women tennis.
Day 4 China and USA had 23 medal apiece. While the Japanese came 3rd. Gold medal China leading the race with 13 followed by team USA with 9 France with 4. The Koreans both North Korea and South Korea along with Kazakhstan with 3 golds apiece. Italy, Germany and Russia with 2. South Korea got their first gold medal in Judo courtesy of Kim Jae-bum 27 years of age over Beijing 2008 champ Ole Bischof 32 years old. Slovenia had a surprised Judo gold, too from Urska Zolnir (women division). Michael Phelps passed all-time medal record with 19.

Beautiful women of Olympic 2012 in London


Yeungnam University

Yeungnam University (YU) is one of the largest university in South Korea outside of Seoul.

Yeungnam University History


2NE1 @ YU

Heart to Heart

Oh, My Goddess Sandara Park in Yeungnam University

4 Minutes @ YU

Yeungnam University Philippine Team Photos

Yeungnam University students in Hundred Islands

YU Students visited Subic Bay

Beautiful, handsome and righteous (full of kindness) YU students loves Jolibee 

@ Intramuros in Manila

JJang Daebak English Class

Photo courtesy of Hyung & Ryan Kim

 The Kindness of Yeung Nam University Students


Tifa Lockheart

Final Fantasy Goddess

Tifa Lockheart


Tifa Lockheart & Cloud Strife

Tifa Collection

Tifa Lockheart and Zack Fair

Tifa Cosplay

Right Here Waiting For You

Eyes on Me

Melodies of Life

Suteki Da Ne


Eat Bulaga

Eat Bulaga is the Philippines most successful TV Variety show. Led by Tito, Vic and Joey with Dabarkads & EB Babes. Now in Indonesia and was premiered by SCTV Network of the said country last July 16, 2012. Making it the first Filipino Show, Variety Show in particular, to be franchised by another country.

 The Logo





EB Babes

The Website

EB Babes

Miley Cyrus and Pauleen Luna

Daiana Menezes - Brazilian Model EB Host

Daiana Menezes

Big Bosing Cried

Amazing Impersonators 

Pinoy Henyo - Indonesia Pintar

Indonesia Juan for All version

 Pauleen Luna

Daiana Menezes

Saida and Sam Pinto

Other Eat Bulaga Photo Gallery