Aso ni Vicente

One of the most inspiring dog I ever saw displaying the true essence of principles of obedience. This awesome dog (Matthew) was taught by his master named Roberto Vicente (church gardener). He instructed and commanded his dog not to enter the clean and beautiful chapel (The House of the Lord) of The Church of JESUS CHRIST OF Latter Day Saints in Bulaon, City of San Fernando, Philippines. Even though it is a dog only, it expressed the keeping the commandment from his loving master. What a great example among those of some people who throw their garbage elsewhere or crossing the prohibited highways and do trespassing in private places without permission from owners. I love the living example of this little inspiring dog.

Matthew the obedience dog arrived.

Stops at the line...

 Met me... stocked at the line... 

Even being tempted, still not entering...

As time gone Matthew leaved. (I learned to be more obedient)

That's the small but inspiring story of "Aso ni Vicente" (The Dog of Vicente). The example of virtue of obedience. Thanks!

The Church of
Latter Day Saints Chapel
(Bulaon, City of San Fernando, Pampanga)

[The House of the Lord]

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