Leadership Styles and Theories

- Bruce Lee

Leadership Style: Geese, Eagle and Turkey

60 Leadership Qualities

Popeye's Lesson of Leadership

Motivational Theories
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Hierarchy of Motives (Need Hierarchy Theory)
Maslow Hierarchy of Needs
Abraham Maslow (1954)

ERG Theory
Clayton Aldefer  (1972)

Acquired Needs Theory
David McClelland

Equity Theory
J. S. Adams (1963)

Two - Factor Theory
Fredrick Herzberg (1966)

Reinforcement Theory
F. Skinner

Expectancy Theory
Victor Vroom

Theory X and Theory Y

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Use time wisely and never give up.

What happen if the angel of the Lord is late?
Isaac will be dead. There was no Abraham's posterity as the Lord's promised him.
Use time wisely.

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