PBA Players & Moniker

PBA (Philippines Basketball Association Players & their Moniker)
  1. Individual(Alphabetical Order) 1. Bong Abad -The Penguin, 2. J. Abarientos -The Flying A, 3. F. Abuda -The Scavenger, 4. R. Adducul -The General, 5. A. Agustin -The Atom Bomb, 6. J. Alapag -The Mighty Mouse, 7.S. Alvarado-The Big Punisher, 8.D. Ampalayo-The Magic Man, 9.M. Andaya-Big Mac, 10. M. Aquino-The Skycraper, 11. W.Arboleda-The Snacher, 12.J. Arigo-The Arsenal, 13. F.Arnais-The Clutch, 14. N. Asaytono-The Bull, 15. P.Artadi-The Kid Lightning, 16. G. Babilonia-Prinsipe K, 17. D. Bachman-The Beauty Parlor, 18. C. Baguio-The Skyrus, 19. B. Balingit-Mount Balingit, 20.D. Belano-Felix the Cat, 21.N.Belasco-Saint Nic, 22. E.Billones-The Billion Dollar Man, 23. C.Bolado-Jumbo Lucky Bolado, 24. K.Bono-The Fertilizer, 25. R.Brown-The Quick Brown Fox, 26.R. Buenafe-The Red Dragon, 27. 28.P.Bugia-The Boogey Man, 29.R. Cabading -Kabado, 30. A. Cabagnot-The Cool Whip, 31. S. Cabatu-Mr.Quality Minute, 32. M.Caguioa-The Spark/The Furious, 33. A.Caidic-The Trigger Man, 34. H. Calma-The Director, 35. N.Canaleta-KG/The Vinci of Dunk, 36. M. Cardona-Captain Hook, 37.J.Cariaso-The Jet, 38. Noy Castillo-The Golden Boy, 39. P. Cezar-The Scholar/The Tapal King, 40.A. Co-Fortune Cookie, 41. G. Chia-The Samurai, 42. J.Codinera-Defense Minister, 43. M. Cortez-The Cool Cat, 44. A. Crisano-Burdado, 45. B. Custodio-The Bonfire, 46. B.David-The Flash, 47. G.David-Mr. Pure Energy, 48. O. De La Cruz-The Bad Boy, 49. M. Delantez-The Mad Max, 50. Y. De Ocampo- The Postman, 51. J. De Vance-JDV, 52. R. Distrito-The Destroyer, 53. J Dualan-The Refregerator/El Parador, 54. K. Durendes-Captain Marbel, 55. R. Enterina-Rudy E., 56. D. Espino-Dennis the Menace, 57. B. Fabiosa-Sultan of Swipe, 58. E. Feihl-The Gentle Giant, 59. R. Fernandez-El Presidente/The Franchise/Don Ramon, 60. J. Ferriols-Big John, 61. D. Florencio-Daredevil Danny, 62. L. Fonacier-Baby Face Assassin, 63. J. Francisco-Pistolero, 64. J.Gayoso-Mr. Adrenaline, 65. W. Generalao-The Little General, 66. W. Gonzales-Wild Wild West, 67. D.Gonzalgo-The Bicol Express, 68. R. Hatfield-The H-Bomb, 69. B. Hawkins-The Hawk, 70. J.Helterbrand-Helter Skelter/The Fast/The Poise 71. V. Hizon-The Prince, 72. D. Hontiveros-Cebuano Hotshot, 73. M.Hrabak-The Radar, 74. D. Ildefonso-The Demolition Man, 75. J.C.Intal-The Rocket, 76. P. Israel- The Defensive Specialist, 77. C. Jackson-The Stonewall, 78. P.Jarencio-The Fireman, 79. R. Jaworski-Big J/The Living Legend, 80. B. Jose-The Firecrackers, 81. A.King-The Chairman of the Board, 82. J.Lastimosa-The Helicopter/Mr. Fourth Quarter Man, 83. S.Lim-The Skywalker, 84. J.Limpot-The Main Man/The Big Deal, 85. N. Locsin-The Tank, 86. C. Loysaga-The Dynamite/The Wall 87. R. Magsanoc-Point Laureate, 88. R.Mamaril-The Human Bean Pole, 89. V. Meneses-The Aerial Voyeger, 90. E. Menk-Major Pain, 91. W. Miller-The Thriller, 92. J Noblesada-The Iron Man, 93. G. Norwood-Mr. President, 94. V. Pablo-The Conqueror, 95. B.Paras-Tower of Power, 96. A. Patrimonio-The Captain/Capt. Lion Heart, 97. A. Peek-Mt.Peek, 98. M. Pennisi-The Slick, 99. D. Pumaren-The Bullet, 100. F. Pumaren-The Missile, 101. JR. Quinahan-Baby Shaq, 102. O. Racela-RaRa, 103. R. Reeves-Plastic Man, 104. R.Reyes-The Energizer, 105. K. Reymundo-The Kid, 106. A. Reynoso-The Big Boy, 107. R. Ritualo-The Rain MAN, 108. T. Robinson-The Pitbull, 109. T.Saldana-Plastic Man/Old Warrior, 110. S.Salvacion-Weekend Warrior/Sunday's Special, 111. V. Sanchez-Ramboo, 112. J. Santos-Bondying, 113. R. Santos-The Slasher, 114. D.Seigle-Dynamite, 115. PJ Simon-The Super Sub, 116. R.Sison-The Rainmaker, 117. J. Tanuan-The Black Jack, 118. A Taulava-The Rock, 119. A. Teng-Robocop, 120. S.Thoss-The Boss, 121. J. Torion-Tora-Tora, 122. R.Tubid-The Saint/The Fearless, 123. L Tugade-Alaminos Assasin, 124. J.Valenzuela-The Hitman, 125. Y. Villamin- Bicolano Superman, 126. E. Villanueva-The Raging Bull/The Raging Giant, 127. S. Watson-Bandanaq Kid, 128. F.Web-The Computer, 129. K. William-The Machinegun, 130. J. Yap-King James/Big Game James, 131. J. Yeo- The Ninja. 
  1. Tandem Moniker in PBA 1. Batman and Robin- Jaworski and Arnais, 2. Bruise Brothers-Relosa and Villamin, 3. Dynamic Duo/Super Imports-Hackett and Bates, 4. Bandana Kids/Kamizake Kids/Fast and Furious-Caguioa and Helterbrand, 5. Twin Towers-Aquino and Espino (Best)/Aquino and Feihl. 6. Twin Towers II-Slaughter and Aguilar. 7. Twin Terrors-Baroca and Melton. 8. Rice Inc.-Belga and Quinahan. 
  2. Trio Moniker 1. The Flying Triangle- Flying A, The Helcopter and The Hawk, 2. Toyota 1-2-3 Punch Jaworski, Arnais and Fernandez, 3. Fast, Furious and Fearless- Helterbrand, Caguioa and Tubid. 4.The Three Kings -Import Chris Alexander"Alexander the Great", The Fast Helterbrand and The Furious Caguioa. 5. 1988 Purefoods Super Rookies -Jolas, Jerry Codinera & Alvin Patrimonio.
  3. Gordon Boars Hearthrob Team-The Prince Hizon, Dudot Jaworski Jr., Mr. Adrenaline Gayoso, Val The Flash David pati raw si The Gentle Giant Feihl o ang Instik na si Ong.
  4. Chinese Team - Chris Tiu, Jeff Chan, TY Tang, Paul Lee, Teng. 
  5. Extra Rice Inc.-Beau Belga & JR Quinihan.
  6. MMDA-Miller, Mercado, David & Aguilar.


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Maria, Ana, Yashiro, Puk and Lucky Devi thank you for your wonderful comments and gratitude. Have a nice day.

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Rookie Players Monicker in PBA. Gabe Norwood - Mr President and Jared Dilinger - The Daredevil.

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My personal moniker from first to latest. The Shooter (shooting power), The High Flyer (rebounds, blocks and acrobatic shots), Little Giant (guarding, intimidate, blocking big men centers and power forwards), The Angel (playing so honest and clean) , BradPete (crowd pleasing dribbling and moves during warm ups and games), The Magician (for unbelievable shot like high looper so high, mid-court shots, lay up and jumpshot behind the board, lay up in free throw line, lay up in 3 point line and lay up in mid court, hook shot in 3 points, backward shot in free throw and 3 point line many times) . MVP (for passion and ability to shoot acrobatic moves and being double or triple team specially against Koreans and some Filipinos).

Bradpetehoops said...

The new moniker in PBA is belongs to Rob Wainwright - "The Silencer".

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