Eat Bulaga

Eat Bulaga is the Philippines most successful TV Variety show. Led by Tito, Vic and Joey with Dabarkads & EB Babes. Now in Indonesia and was premiered by SCTV Network of the said country last July 16, 2012. Making it the first Filipino Show, Variety Show in particular, to be franchised by another country.

 The Logo





EB Babes

The Website

EB Babes

Miley Cyrus and Pauleen Luna

Daiana Menezes - Brazilian Model EB Host

Daiana Menezes

Big Bosing Cried

Amazing Impersonators 

Pinoy Henyo - Indonesia Pintar

Indonesia Juan for All version

 Pauleen Luna

Daiana Menezes

Saida and Sam Pinto

Other Eat Bulaga Photo Gallery


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