Christmas Day Ginebra Never Say Die Epic Run

December 25, 2015 at SM MOA Arena with 21,808 fans Purefoods Star vs Barangay Ginbra San Miguel epic comeback. Ginebra down by 18, 56-74 until 7:11 of 4th quarter. Mercado scored his first 2 points and cut to 16. 6:14 Ellis 3 point bomb cut to 13. 5:45 Pingris fouled out. 4:04 Yap ankle breaker Ellis scored on fade the way jumper Star led by 15 till Ellis 2 freebies off Reavis foul cut to 13 with 3:17 left. The score was 63-76. Aguilar was fouled by Sangalang made 2 free throws that cut the lead to 11. 1:26 some people went out of the arena. 1:20 Mercado scored an and-one play cut to eight. 1:03 Thomson split a freebie cut to seven. Melton added one free throw to extend the lead to eight again 43 seconds left. The Ginebra fans chanted Ginebra, Ginebra, Ginebra ... Another Mercado’s bomb three cut the deficit to five. Yap freebie put the star up to six 30 seconds left. Japeth made three cut to three 20 second remaining. Barroca freebies made it 75-80. Down by five Aguilar assisted Mercado for three “Bang!” Down by two 7.6 seconds left. Off the inbound play to Barroca stolen by LA and the ball home run layup by Scottie Earl Thomson tied the game 80 all with 3.4 seconds left. Mercado stole the ball from Yap but he rattled out a layup forced five minutes extension.

4th Quarter Video

In overtime, Barroca nailed a three to drawn the first blood, Tenorio from the corner three good bounce ricochet shot tied at 83 all. Barroca another three 83-86 Purefoods on the upper hand but Mercado’s three tied 86 all at 2:12 remaining in OT. Mallari’s trey put Stars for good 86-89, 1.73. Mercado once again save the day at 89 all. 16 seconds left Purefoods 24 seconds shot clock error. Barroca fouled LA to stop the clock 4.01 seconds left. LA Tenorio inbounded the ball to Mercado being swarmed by two Stars player bounce pass the ball to Tenorio wide open look and made the buzzer beating three for the win. Another epic comeback for Ginebra. The Never Say Die Spirit live on. 92-89 victory move to second phase of the quarter finals vs Globalport Batang Pier. This game was the only OT game in PBA history that all field goals are three points field goals a total of seven. If they pass GBP in one game knock out they will meet Alaska Never Quit Squads in Semifinals Best of 7 games. 
OT Period Video


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