End of the Preliminary Round

Cote de' Ivoire stunt the Puerto Rico 88-79 then Chinese national qualified and secured fourth slot via point differentials of triple tie breaker in Group C. Turkey on top cos they nip China 87-40. Russian quadro margin defeated the Greeks 73-69. Russia in 2nd, while Greece settled for 3rd. Puerto Ricans occufied 5th even loss to best blocking team the Ivory Coast at last place.

Group A, the new leader is Serbia upset the Argentina via dual points at tune of 84-82. Argentines move to no. 2, while the Aussie dropped the Angola 76-55 to secured no.3 and avoided the USA next round. Angola at 4th meet the Americans in Round 16. Germany beat Jordan 91-73 and they are the 5th and 6th.

In Group B, USA expected to finished them all. The last is Tunisia team 92-57, and they are the cellar. Slovenia sparks against Iran 65-60 to secured 2nd behind USA, Iran at 5th. Brazil crushed Croatia 92-74 and they secured 3rd and 4th. Both to the next round.

D Group, Lithuania the super wild card on top. They beat Asian wild card the Lebanon 84-66. Lebanon is no. 5 missed next round. Spain gave Canada nothing at 89-67, Espana at 2nd and the Canadian at 6th. New Zealand upset France to salvaged 3rd spot and the French picked the 4th place to move to next round. The Tall Blacks NZ outscored the French via dozen 82-70.

Round of Sixteen (Games Schedule)

September 4, 2010 18:00 Serbia vs Croatia, 21:00 Spain vs Greece
September 5, 2010
18:00 Turkey vs France, 21:00 Slovenia vs Australia
September 6, 2010 18:00 USA vs Angola, 21:00 Russia vs New Zealand
September 7, 2010
18:00 Lithuania vs China, 21:00 Argentina vs Brazil

Stats Leaders in Preliminary Round

Points: Luis Scola of Argentina 29 points per game
Jianlian Yi of China 9.8 boards per game
Marcelinho Hueras of Brazil 6.6
Mamadou Lamizana of Ivory Coast 3.2
Sinan Guler of Turkey 3.3
Liu Wei of China 35.8
Game High in points:
Kirk Penney of New Zealand 37

Team Highs

Offensive points per game: Serbia 93
Defensive points per game:
Turkey 57
Serbia 42
Spain 19.4
Ivory Coast: 4.8
USA 11


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