5 S of Success

5S of Success

1. Seiri (Sort) - Eliminate all items from the work area that are not needed.
2. Seiton (Straighten) - Put things in order by designing a visible location which is clearly marked.
3. Seiso (Scrub or Shine) - Clean everything in the work area to a new level of cleanliness.
4. Seiketsu (Standardized) - Create standards for the first three steps, so they are easily preserved.
5. Shitsuke (Sustain) - Maintain the process and make commitment to continue the 5S as way of life extending it to all the other areas.


  • Additional workplace is created.
  • Better communication between worker (associates) and departments (Areas of Responsibility).
  • Stress is reduce.
  • Workflow is more streamlined.
  • Everyone is involved and this creates an atmosphere of sharing ideas and ownership of each one's resposibility in the process.

Photo courtesy of MRSORGANIZE.COM

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