Powder Moringa / Powder Malungay

In Africa poverty areas people suffered from malnutrition. Then, they tried the moringa / malungay powder added to their meal. After three weeks the malnourish children became quick & glow in their faces. They maintained healthy countenance. Cos moringa powder is so nutritious full of Vitamins like A, C, E and B-Complex; Minerals like Calcium, Potassium, Iron, Magnesium and more. Plus essential Amino Acids for the benefit of children, pregnant, lactating mother and us. Dry leaf fine powder has a fine grain size and moringa powder can be added to milk, soup, tea, sauce, fruit juices and other food items. Sugar, salt, spices can be added as per the taste of an individual. A teaspoonful or so can be placed directly under the tongue and washed down with water, but care must be taken not to breathe the fine powder. It can be used in cooking, but high temperatures destroy some of the nutrients.

Moringa / Malungay leaves drying suggestions:
1. Spread cleaned malungay leaves on a cloth inside the house or other protective structure.
2. Spread cleaned malungay leaves in hanging treymade with mosquito netting.
3. Hang malungay leaf bunches from roof or porch with string (similar to tobacco drying).

Then, I pound the dried leaves to turn powder form.