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Paradisical Animals

Beautiful Black and Green Butterfly.

In Philippines, some children kills prying mantis cos there is a myth they are bearing snakes and serpents. Praying mantis are bad. I teaches the children when there is a mantis don't kill them cos they attacks and eat destructive insects and pests like locust, worms on leaves.

Frogs and toads eats mosquitoes and flies.

Like St. Francis of Assisi I love animals of every kinds. They have right to live in this planet, too like us. And the nature will be balance. If you love animals they love you, too. I found techniques to tame dogs & cats. Some butterflies and birds landed on my fingers. Birds won't afraid on me specially in places where no children or people shoot them using sling shots and guns. Ravens flying over my head. At night bats do the same things over the top of my head just to eat insects or mosquitoes. One night a fruit bat bumped on my face while I drove my speedy mountain bike, miscalculation of his sonar. Butterflies bumped on my face. I freed lots of butterfies trapped inside the building. And I saw colorful butterflies, bees, lady bugs and other insects both beneficial and destructive. I saved a bird trapped and hanged on wall of the school building. Soon birds are became closer to the people looking for food. And it was a great feelings that they are not frighten on humans like heron and carabao (water buffalo). But most children, women and some men are being attack by dogs cos the look directly to the rampaging doggy angry stature. When they see you afraid they bite you hard. Don't look eye to eye contact specially when they are angry or threaten on dogs, wolves, big cats - lion - tiger and their kinds, brown - polar - grizzly bears, poisonous snakes, even on chimpanzees and monkeys they bite you. But when they are near you don't run they have the speed to catch you. Just calm look to the center of the animal and be smart. And they will be puzzle you are lucky when they go quickly. Sometimes dogs smell your body before they go. Umbrella is also an intimidating shield against dogs. When I was a boy I saw a dog and I ran and bite my butt. My mother cleansed it with soap and running water. At 24 years old I carried a sock of rice a big dogs bite my jeans and pinched legs turn red. In mid 20's the women are being attacked by newly puppies-bearing dog. To save the women as a human shield the dog bite my legs. A good man helped my to washed it with soap and we put garlic oil on it to prevent rabies virus. Now I know how to deal with rampaging domesticated dogs. When I was an early teen I saved a chicken stoned by children and almost died. I put in my vacant bamboo room after 2 days it decided to eat feeds. Later it grown and so healthy. I saved the cat out of danger. Then, it was a talking cat and first mammal I heard talking a simple swear word. We were all surprised, what a phenomenon. I love my dogs they are all kind. One of my dog, attacked the man who mobbed me and my brothers when we were just kids. My dog saved us. I love animals and insects. Except for mosquitoes, like Gay Gregorio (a lovely woman) both of us only kills dengue and mallaria carrying mosquitoes and sometimes house flies. Lizards fed on mosquitoes in my table and also eating rice. Don't collect colorful lady bugs they fed on aphids that destroyed leaves and green branches. Don't shoot birds they fed on destructive worms and itchy caterpillars. Spiders used for spider-fighting gambling that are useful in catches mosquitoes and dirty house flies. Whatta eek!!! Turtle (with broken shell) is being tied and look like a toy truck pulling by innocent children. I bought to them and throw back to the river where it belongs. I love animals but I do eat chicken, fish, pork and beef for the benefit of my body. I eat meat sparingly, I do eat more vegetables and fruits. I love the nature! Like Chin Chin Gutierrez! A gorgeous Filipina actress.

Funny Animals I

Funny Animals II


Alice Blue said...

lot of beautiful animals, isn´t? So, you live almost in the paradise. I would like to know Philippines.

Bradpetehoops said...

Thanks, its so good in the Philippines. In love to serve the people and the creatures in my homeland.

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Bradpetehoops said...

Thank you!

Farleygawr said...

Thanks, its so good in the Philippines. In love to serve the people and the creatures in my homeland.

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